Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Birthday Wishes & Tears

It's my birthday Sunday (What do you mean you didn't know!!!!!)

and yes, I know EVERYONE has a birthday and especially at my age (;-D) I shouldn't get so excited but I do.

WHY? I hear you ask.....

Well check the date.

December 19th....... 6 days before christmas!!!!! (loses half of my readers as they realise they don't have many shopping days left)

Lets face it, Birthdays come pretty far down the list of importance when they are so close to christmas.

If I don't make fuss on my birthday, no-one else will. (Ahhhhhhhhhh)

It all stems from my childhood I think.  I never even had a birthday party as a kid (Double ahhhhhhhhhh)

I think my parents were worried no-one would turn up (Not because I was a horrible kid or anything.............well I don't THINK) The old, "well it's sooooo close to christmas" excuse has been used more times in my life than you can possibly imagine

And there is never any room to proudly display birthday cards when your birthday is so close to xmas. Christmas cards are EVERYWHERE!!!!

Shall we talk about joint presents?

They exist, trust me on this.

My beloved baby brother has his birthday in June, I've never seen him get a "joint" present, so just because it is my birthday in December why should I?

Christmas cards with ps, Happy Birthday were pretty much the norm. It got so that if I was handed a green or red envelope on my birthday it got put to one side until the next day.

Luckily I have voiced my opinions LONG and LOUDLY (shock horror) since then and it is extremely rare this now happens. (Although gifts wrapped in christmas wrapping is still pretty much the norm)

Do I sound ungrateful?

It isn't meant to, But i didn't even get a cake last year........

So this is the plan.

Sunday I will smile, accept birthday gifts wrapped in xmas paper and proceed in getting horribly drunk at some point in the proceedings,

Then I will make some plans for a SECOND birthday like the queen possibly halfway through the year.

I wonder if my brother fancies having a JOINT birthday in June


Big Fashionista x x


  1. FYI: My birthday is ON Christmas, so..... yeah, I feel your pain.

  2. Mt best friend's birthday is new years day and so many people try to give her joint presents still - like you say, if her bday was in July no-one would pull thst!

  3. I'm another December Baby, so yes, I feel your pain.

    It's made even worse now being based in Greece where Saints' Names tend to jostle for attention.

    The Ovver Arf's Name Day is just days after my birthday so when we used to throw a big party for us all, everyone would turn up with wishes and gifts for him - and total ignorance of my special day (the Saint's Day for Nikos is common knowledge - my birthday obviously wasn't). I would sulk in the kitchen, pretending not to mind but getting progresstively more beligerant with every glass of plonk.

    Have a wonderful day on Sunday!

  4. My brother's birthday is Boxing Day, but my parents were always very strict about no joint presents and that we had to have a birthday tea and a special day on Boxing Day too. :)

  5. My birthday is on the 3rd January. So after Christmas AND New Year, no-one wants to play ball. :-( It is pretty much always shockingly lonely on my birthday.

    I did have a half birthday a few years ago on the 3rd July. I even had a bouncy castle. But then my Mum decided to procreate again and my little sister was selfishly born on my half birthday. Grrr.... ;-)

  6. Son in law has birthday on Boxing Day and suffered like you, so daughter gives strict instructions about separate pressies and they have special breakfast on Boxing Day.

  7. I feel your pain, mine is this Saturday, the 18th. Its just not fair is it?!! xx

  8. My birthday is the 9th December, and I have two brothers who are December Birthday's aswell on the 18th and 20th! I know exacly how you feel, espeacially annoying as if I have a birthday night out people are always too skint! x

  9. It's fantastically thoughless of people to give 'joint' presents. It's NOT a joint present you tight fisted lazy git, it's ONE present, it's not twice the price is it!!!

    And has anyone ever had a 'your birthday at xmas' card? oh how clever! arghghghgh.
    Here's how you fix the curse of the december birthday. Or any other unfortunate day.

    Move it! Just move it - not a half b'day or a second b'day - a new one. Pick a date that you like, tell everyone that this is your new b'day and that the old one is gone.

    They will baulk and make excuses and say 'oh yes but your real b'day is....' and you explain to them how they have let you down on your b'day but you don't do it to them etc.
    is important to then ignore the old date - which is actually very liberating - and treat as an ordinary day. You'll find that your decembers are now more enjoyable. if anyone does continue with the old date look at them quizically and say 'but it's not my birthday'.

    Try it - you won't be disappointed. You will get something that you've maybe never had - a full on birthday.

  10. My birthday is in June and it's fab ;-) - Hope you have a great birthday x

  11. I can understand... where you are coming from. My birthday falls on Valentine's Day, but I really do not have any complaints about it; who can complain about the only day ALL about LOVE & CANDY!!! LOL☺

  12. sheila @flinny200116 December 2010 at 16:36

    My best mates birthday is the 27th of december and I always think its really sucky when people give her joint pressies! January b'days are kinda crappy too, my sis is Jan 5th and I'm the 18th and no one wants to do anything in jan! Plus one year I was given all my cards and pressies on my sisters birthday! 2 weeks early!

    Hope you have a fab day :)

  13. Ooh, I soooo get you! And all the other December birthday girls (and boys)!
    My birthday is 25 December, so totally with you on the A) no birthday parties, although I did have a few, B) 'joint presents - AAARGH! and C) Christmas Cards with birthday wishes...
    You know what? We should all get an Official Birthday - like Her Majesty the Queen - and all have a Big Official Birthday Party in Summer as well!


  14. i really think you should also celebrate it in June with your dare he gets a bday during such a wonderfully sunny month?! :P

    Have a loooovely day...and screw joint-gifts! :P

  15. My fiance's birthday is on the 31st so no one is ever around to celebrate!

    Happy Birthday - fingers crossed someone wraps one of your gifts in pink birthday paper. x


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