Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas Cheer (SCREAM)

Yes, I get it, December the 1st means that christmas is fast approaching and everyone is happy (blah blah blah)

and yes my inner child is opening day one of her calender but trust me, the outer me, the mummy part is SCREAMING that I have nothing done, my children won't have anything they want on Christmas day and the whole thing will be a HUGE disaster that will end with me pouring myself into a bottle of wine and falling asleep under the table (It was ONCE ok, just ONCE)

The expectations put upon me as a mother are immense.

My nine year old son has done his christmas list in the form of a PowerPoint presentation!!!!!
(I don't even know how to access Powerpoint!!)

My four year old pushed the Argos catalogue in front of me and said "I want everything that is pink!!!!!"

and the ten year old either wants a Laptop or a Guinea Pig!!! (Got to admire her negotiation skills haven't you?)

And this is all without sorting out food, presents for family, who's going where on Christmas day (That's a minefield in itself) and the decorations..... oh the decorations!!!!!!!!!!

Do you want to see my house at Christmas?

It certainly stands out!!!!

when we turn the lights on the whole road dims for a minute while the electricity company re-routes more power to our home (and counts the pennies it makes from us)

So Christmas is a big thing in our house and the weight of expectation lays heavily upon my shoulders.

(I might get nanny to tell my children about how she used to only get an orange for christmas-Ha that will teach them)

So while you are all singing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, I will be singing about resting all ye unmerry mummys out there who are stressed up to the eyeballs.

How stressed are you about Christmas? (go on, make me feel better about my panic)

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Oh Big Fashionista - your kids certainly know how to get what they want! That really made me laugh - perhaps they should look at a future career in diplomacy?! I must admit, being child-free, Christmas isn't too bad for me, although I'm currently stressing about writing international cards, as I haven't done them yet. My Mum is the most stressed Christmas person ever though - she runs around like a mad woman on Christmas Eve as she's never got round to putting the tree up! Happy December! x

  2. Wow your house looks amazing! Try not to get too stressed but don't you wish Santa's elves would be able to help. PS Please post your son's powerpoint presentation, this is one list I need to see!

  3. I feel exactly the same, it's a nightmare!! To add a little extra stress it's my youngest girl's birthday the week before christmas too!!

  4. A powerpoint presentation! I've never heard of a list being created that way before, very clever!

  5. Your son is very technologically advanced, impressive! I'm not stressed at the Christmas time, my family isn't religious and I don't have kids who would want big celebrations. I love this holidays because it's everything so magical, but I hate the fact that everyone puts on their decoration so soon. It kills my holiday spirit :/

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  6. Laptop or a Guinea Pig! LOL That's brilliant...I like her style! Expensive bit of tech that will cost mucho lots but doesn't need cleaning out and feeding OR £10 squeaky rodent that poops everywhere!! I'll be interested to know which one you go for!! There is an electronic pet style Guinea Pig toy...that could be a good idea! :)


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