Thursday, 30 December 2010

Has anyone seen my willpower?

MISSING, one willpower. Reward offered

It was last seen before christmas turning down a sausage roll but since the 25th of December it has been AWOL.

Now I'm HOPING that it is shopping in the sales but I have a funny feeling that my willpower is currently facedown on a chinese buffet cart somewhere and the only thing it is refusing is lychees (who the hell eats them anyway!!)

What is it with willpower going AWOL at christmas anyway?

I have had jellybabies for breakfast!!!!!!! who does that?

Somewhere deep in SureSlimUK headquarters there is a rescue party being hastily assembled (I hope)

But they will have to catch me first... Mwahahahahahahahaha (evil sugar high cackle)

The fat girl inside me has broken free after three months of being denied and she shows no signs of stopping (or shopping for that matter)

I need to get some semblence of a routine back into my life but unfortunately that doesn't happen until January 6th when school starts again, (hides jelly babies from self)

So make me feel better guys, where is your willpower currently residing?
 Is it with mine or in a more glamorous climate?

And why do our willpowers never go and exercise in the gym?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I think my willpower is buried under the massive amounts of chocolate I received for xmas, you know, like a landslide? Mountain rescue will be dispatched in the new year to ensure its safe return before I have to go up (another) dress size....

  2. I love lychees !

    Mine is back, which is somewhat surprising, usually once I fall off the wagon I can't go back on it.

    I think routine is very important. So if you're not in the right mood/frame of mind for it, I'd say you should wait until your kids are back at school and you can settle down into your routine from before Xmas. It's only a few more days. Maybe in the meantime you can start cutting down on the Xmas junk and prepare yourself for a healthier diet (well I think it is anyway). Part of you wants to get back to it otherwise you wouldn't be worried about your willpower going AWOL.

    Well that's what I did anyway. Set a date for when to get back on track. That way I knew when to get ready for it. OK I will confess I did eat everything and anything in sight over Xmas. But I have now packed all the biscuits in my son's cupboard, and all the sweets and all that have been given away (not that we had much in the first place anyway). Go shopping, and start from scratch again, like you're starting SureSlim again. A few days won't make much difference, and to be honest, from this particular experience, the weight put on at Xmas goes away quite quickly (I've lost 1.5kg since Monday)...

    I hope this post reads like an encouraging post. I can't really give any advice, but I guess if it works for me it might work for you. Good luck :) x

  3. I know this feeling very well- I'm going to get back on it from the 4th Jan once I'm back at work. I'll be ready for it by then too xx

  4. God I love your posts hun, you really make me giggle ;) Agggghh, who needs willpower anyhoo hun? But not to worry, I'm sure you'll find it on your doorstep soon with its tail firmly between legs ;) I'm pretending I can't hear mine knocking....too soon!!

    Aysh xoxo

  5. There is just something about Christmas that makes us lose all sense of willpower whether its food, sales shopping or cheesy films. I honestly feel like I've been grazing for a week! The cold weather hasn't helped ever! Roll on January and a new healthy regime! PS First think I ate today was some midget gems!

  6. I think it might have eloped with mine!
    Happy new year from Norway,


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