Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I want to be a tree.

Well not ACTUALLY a tree, I just like saying that I do.

Oh never mind, you have to be over a certain age to remember the actual advert. (Sigh, wanders over to comfy chair with walking stick)

It is christmas (in case you hadn't noticed, slaps self for stating the fricking obvious) and people are starting to decorate their homes and put up their trees.

My question to you guys is.

Do you decorate your tree in just TWO colours or do you like it to be a rainbow tree with LOTS of different colours thrown at it?

We all have different tastes. Some people favour a white tree over a green one. Or go for a real tree each year.

I have a 7ft fake green tree which has a brown and gold theme.

How about you?


  1. My tree is fake with a red and gold theme I guess!
    But I do want one those fake trees with fake snow on pretty. But the boyfriend says there's no point in buying a new one! tsk.

    As for lights it's just plain white ones!

    Fee x

  2. My tree is a bit random (I prefer to think of it as eclectic!). I have some decorations on there that we've had since I was a kid, plus I tend to buy something new every year which helps avoid the matchy matchy look, which I'm not too keen on. There's a bit of red & silver (not matching, apart from colour!), some cut glass-style, a couple of snowmen, a couple of fairies, some mirror ball style, a couple of bells, a couple of traditional style with painted scenes...all sorts! It's a 6ft slim fake tree, with white lights, usually set to twinkle.

    I think it works because it's not contrived, the collection has just grown naturally over the years. I've got to say though my favourite is a very simple, old blue ball, the kind that's covered in silk thread if you remember them. My mum made a story up about it for me which she told me every year so it means a lot to me. Thought I'd lost it one year and cried buckets but thankfully it was a false alarm!

    Oh, and I know exactly which advert you mean!!

  3. Mines a 7ft faker as well. We've got a vintage Britain theme in our lounge so the tree is decorated to fit in with that - blue, white and red. I heart it.

    There's definitely a place for the 'throw it all on' attitude when it comes to Christmas trees though. This is our first proper Christmas tree since the policeman and I have lived together (last year we had only just moved in together and were poor sop had to make do with randomly placed tinsel. Boo hoo!), so we have had to buy all the bits fresh. I hope we can build up a collection of decorations that have some sentimental value to us though.


  4. Our tree is random... and quickly up and quickly taken down because we just don't have the room for it and it's massive (bought in the sales after Xmas - Bargain!).. one year when the little one was smaller we even had to stand it in the playpen !

  5. As I've only ever been at home during Christmas, my tree is whatever 'theme' my mum comes up with each year. Usually ridiculous and always missing tinsel because she doesn't like it!

  6. Very beautiful decoration in the pic... Just gets me into Christmas season!
    I am redirected from your Twitter profile, do check mine once!


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