Thursday, 2 December 2010

Nom or Vom

The lovely @beautyreigns made a suggestion for this weeks Nom or Vom which I was quite happy to research thoroughly. The hyperactive Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover seems to be a favourite of hers and who am I to deny the world some pictures of a man who if he sat down and shut up would make a valuable addition to my stable of hot men.

So thank you @Beautyreigns for your suggestion.

It's Friday....................

It's Nom or Vom

Ty Pennington

The man is like a hopped up on acid puppy dog.

With a cute face obviously.

I like a man who is handy with his tools ;-)

So what do we think people?

Nom or Vom?



  1. He's actually ok! I've never thought of him that way before, but then I can't usually see the tv through my tears when I watch Extreme Makeover!!

  2. Thank You! LoL!

    I suggested Ty because I find him attractive but not in a conventional way. There's just something about him. He's a nutter with a BIG heart. I've seen interviews with him and he's always come across as the warmest most giving guy which I find really attractive. Also helps that he's kinda cute too...

    As is obvious, he's a Nom for me. Especially in that last pic! nom nom nom!!

    hehehehehe xxx

  3. Extreme makeover? Never heard of it. Sorry Mr Pennington I've never heard of you either. Perhaps if I had seen your warm warm heart on the tv you may be more attractive, but it's a vom vote for me.

  4. I don't know who this is but VOM, he looks too cheesy for me.

  5. As long as he didnt speak, its a NOM! x

  6. He he! Funniest Nom or Vom ever! I never would have thought of him, but he looks freaking hot in that last pic.

    Slightly ashamed to say it's a NOM!!!

    Plus I love the way he gets so choked up on Extreme makeover too. x

  7. No, no, no, he's a Vom from me! Not my type at all! But I never go for blond men, with one or two exceptions (Daniel Craig).

  8. Vom! His face creeps me out and he's far too happy for his own good!

  9. gosh, he'd be so hot if he didn't have that hair! lol


  10. Vom, babe. Sorry.

  11. You think your so special but you arent.

  12. Dear anonymous, firstly why don't you say who you are otherwise your comment is pointless. Secondly, Kellie is special actually. How wrong you are.

  13. Vom! I refuse to Nom anyone who can get more height in their hair than I can!

  14. It's a vom from me I'm afraid, altho I can sort of see why he might appeal...

  15. Dear Anonymous.

    Kellie is more than special - she's fabulous - do yourself a favour - get a book an grammar, man up and sod off.


    Mrs Mouth.

  16. Ooo, umm. Never thought about it. On one hand, he builds pretty bedrooms for underprivileged kids and make me cry solidly when he fixes everything. And he's hardly difficult on the eye... so nom.

    However, he's so excitable that I fear it'd be over before I could unzip his paint spattered jeans...

  17. Eeeew Vom for me Kel.

    Oh and your are damn special.

  18. You* even.

    Having a bad day today!

  19. Hey Anonymous,
    We are all special! Shame your special is so lost to you that you feel the need to come on here and put a Fabulous Lady down. Go and rediscover your own special, then come back and you'll be amazed how nice you can be. xx

  20. He's cute and enthusiastic what more do want in a man? Nom for me!


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