Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A real woman?

I have been told that I have to hand in my lady parts at the door because apparently i'm not a "Real Woman"

My crime?

I have never seen Sex in the City the Movie

1 OR 2

and to be completely honest, I feel no shame in this.

(So there)

I don't wear heels over four inches (standing up) and the chances are my undies don't match.

Does this make me less of a real women?

I don't think so.

In MY opinion a real women is one who is true to herself and her friends and family, and the same goes for a real man.

I'm not going to get into a debate about stereotypes because frankly i'm too cold and I cannot be bothered.

What do you think makes a real women?

Now where is this pile of lady parts I need to add mine to?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. God knows what I am then because Ive never even seen an episode of the tv show, nvm the movies!

  2. Never seen either of the films, nor do I wear 4 inch heels, (I'm too tall), however my undies normally match, don't know where on the spectrum that leaves me.

  3. I've never seen them either! My undies rarely match, but I do have a bit of a love affair going on with 4 inch heels! Guess that makes me a drag queen..?!

  4. Ok, I have seen the 1st movie, I love heels, my undies ALWAYS match...but I've never considered any of those things define me as a woman!

    Whoever said it needs to broaden their mind just a tad!

  5. I saw the first film under duress/pressure my my friends - but after seeing it I put my foot down firmly when it came to the second. The film was tripe - I do like the tv programme as a bit of no effort watching when you're drying your hair or something.

    Now, the 4 inch+ heels are definately something I wear. Not in the snow though, falling arse over tit is simply unacceptable, unless copious amounts of wine has been consumed.

  6. LOL! I have watched Sex in the City, wear 4 inch heels but can never get matching underwear (why can you get pretty bras but hold-in knickers or spanx never match?!) but I'd never ask you to surrender your lady parts if you didn't!

  7. Frankly I hate the term "real woman". WE're all real women whether Size zero or size 22. The phrase really bothers me.

    Anyway SATC - love the series, couldn't give a crap about the films!

  8. I don't quite follow this post BF? As charlie says.... surely every women is a real women? what does Sex and the City and heels have to do with it. Just asking as a guy, because I'm not following what your point is here? Who told you that you not a real women? Let's smoke 'em. They stupid and their opinion is clearly as valuable as a piece of bubblegum.

  9. People say the most ridiculous things... but then I am guilty of saying my best friend isn't a real grown up because she can't walk in heels (not at all), but then I AM kidding.

    What makes a woman? Being born one.

  10. I am currently writing my dissertation about Sex and the City. But I don't wear heels. Hmm, a complex barometer of womanhood!

  11. SATC was a Patricia Field fashion fantasy land and it was fantastic, but if you feel you are playing dress up every time you slip on a pair of heels it shows to the world. Just as every teenager does not look or dress like Serena van der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf, neither does every thirty something dress like Carrie Bradshaw.
    Real women have their own style that comes naturally to them. It is not based on the latest trends or what is expected of them. Real women come in all shapes and sizes, draw inspiration from all different sources and carry themselves with pride.
    And I think the matching underwear thing is way over rated and frankly boring. Stripes mixed with polka dots, lace with florals, it is all about the unexpected and making yourself happy.
    You know you are beautiful, share it with the world and let them learn a thing or two!

  12. There are a lot of meat head type of men in the world, who only appreciate a woman for her looks and nothing else. So for them clothes and undergarments matching is a must.
    But most of us men in general do not care.
    Being caught up in just looks is very superficial, and what most men look for is not that; we look for the inner beauty of the person. When we find that person, she will make our hearts skip a beat, does not matter what she is wearing. Women just being themselves & letting their beauty shine outward from within are real women.

  13. I'm SATC fan and I've watched every episode a zillion times as well as the 1st film, have yet to see the second. I don't look like any of them though. I barely wear makeup, always have on converse and cords and my hair pulled back like a perpetual scruffy student but I love watching the show and I love the ridiculously expensive shoes even though I wouldn't wear a pair of heels if you paid me. We are all different and we are all gorgeous and special in our own way!

  14. I HATE Sex and the City. But I have tits. And oestrogen. Make your own mind up! :) xx


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