Monday, 6 December 2010

A Sad Tale or Major Fail?

All across the world there are angels weeping, reindeers are pawing the ground in sorrow and Santa is about to make an extra stop off at Fortnum & Masons to pick up some extra presents for a good little girl called Charlotte Metcalf who has it rough this year.

Did you read her article on Saturday?

Here you go in case you missed it.

Does your heart not bleed for her too?

*Insert sarcastic tone wherever you read me saying something nice.

The sad thing is, this could have been a fantastic story. Of course people who earn a lot are also having to make changes to their lifestyles. The recession has hit everyone hard, I would have found the whole thing a fascinating read if it wasn't for Charlotte's "woe is me" approach to her writing. As well as explaining how she is "poverty-stricken" on her earnings of £500 per week. (This is just HER earnings, not including what her partner earns) she opens her article telling everyone how she used to browse Harrods of an afternoon for fun. (She may have garnered more sympathy from people if she had talked about skinning puppies to make a coat than talk about browsing Harrods on leisurely afternoons)

Charlotte,  most people have NEVER been able to do that, afternoons are for "WORKING" or looking after vomit -stained children who want to draw on your walls with crayons.

Tom Cruise may have had Renee Zellwegger at Hello, but you lost me at Harrods.

When Charlotte talks about trading down to Poundland, you can almost hear the distaste in her writing about it. It is as though she feels she cannot sink any lower than she has.


Most people have to shop at Poundland out of necessity, Or Aldi or even..................gasp....... Lidls

Charlotte Metcalf should have counted her blessings. Instead of focusing on what she DOESN'T have anymore, she should be grateful for what she does have. A roof over her head (In fact, she owns THREE homes) A family, an income. She should stop acting like a brat and get on with it like most people I know have. We have ALL experienced a drop in income but do you see everyone else whining about it?

We roll up our sleeves and get on with it, as this is the British way. One of my friends is currently in temporary accommodation with her daughter, Her mentality is, "well it could be much worse"

You're right hun it could be, all over the country there are people in homeless shelters, there are people currently deciding between putting money on their gas key or eating. There are children being sent to school in shoes with holes in them as they cannot afford to be replaced.

THAT IS POVERTY-STRICKEN...........................

Going without an eye cream you used to be able to pick up on a leisurely afternoon trip to Harrods is NOT.

What do you think?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. This woman is an idiot. Totally agree with all your points really. I feel kind of sorry for her as she clearly doesn't have any sort of grip on reality. Poverty stricken on £500 a week? I wish I earned that. By her standards I should be homeless and pimping myself out as a crack whore right about now. My family, who actually do know what hardship is, cannot have Christmas this year. There will be no presents, no tree. But we'll be together and have a nice meal - and that's what it's all about really.

    I always thought the Daily Mail was read by posh Nazi twats - this has done nothing to quell that for me.

  2. Totally, 100% agree with you! As always an excellent post :D The article COULD have been interesting; she just mucked it up by sounding like a spoilt brat! Can't imagine there are that many people able to sympathise with her...I certainly never got a Christmas present from Harrods, does that make my mum a bad mother? Like hell it does!

  3. Completely agree with Bangs and a Bun above. The Daily Mail is so full of cr*p... always. It's a ridiculous article, written with so much disrespect, and arrogance... But Big Fashionista said it all, going without an eye cream you used to be able to pick up "on a leisurely afternoon" at Harrods does not qualify as poverty. It's an insult, plan and simple, to every hard working person in the world.

  4. Stupid woman, but about what I expect from the Daily Fail - they are the home of Liz Jones after all!! I wish had to 'struggle' on £500 a week! One of the annoying things about this is that she could afford a nice Christmas if she came down off her high horse for a bit and stopped spoiling her kids.

    I know everyone would like to treat their kids if they could afford it, but at some point you have to make them aware that things cost money and it's not always possible. It wouldn't harm them in the slightest, it would probably be good for them. The easiest way for my mum to stop me whining about wanting something was to tell me she couldn't afford it and it hasn't damaged me in the slightest.

  5. She doesn't have a clue what hard times are like. I save all year round to give my kids the best Christmas, maybe if she thought of doing the same she wouldn't want to cancel Christmas.

  6. I read that article thinking that the satire was going to kick in at any minute. But it didn't. I can understand how it'd be a huge adjustment to drop from an income of over £1000 a week to £500 a week, but that's just about where my understanding stops. The disdain that laces her references to charity shops and pound shops is quite shocking. As is the way that she seems to believe that material possessions are her children's life blood, their way in to a society that she displays as putrid through her belief that money is a qualification of happiness. Consumerism isn't what makes Christmas for me, love is. And where I'm from, that comes for free.

    The decreasing fortunes of the middle class is an interesting point to raise but I'm not sure what her article was trying to say? That we should bail out Harrods not banks? That we should sanitise ourselves before entering charity shops? That we should sacrifice ourselves at the shrine of capitalism? I'm confused!

    Nice article, from a new blog reader, Emily x

  7. I didn't read it as I can't read any Daily Mail tripe, it makes my blood boil :D

  8. As i said Bangs, The woman is living in a fantasy land, she witters on about stocking presents when there are people out there who cannot afford presents at all. At least you grasp the true meaning of christmas as a time of togetherness. That is whats important after all.

    Dani, nope it doesn't make your mother a bad one, it shows she has taught you the true value of things in life and it isn't about material things which is obviously what Charlotte Metcalf is all about as it is ALL she talks about.

    Fashion Limbo, Yes, she is insulting people while still trying to get people to feel sorry for her. She wants empathy withouit feeling any herself.

    L1nds, as you say, the best thing she can teach her children in life is that certain things cost money and if you cannot afford it, you cannot have it. Simples.

    Thanks for all your comments so far ladies x x

  9. Jo, yes exactly, but obviously by saving Ms Metcalfe would feel like she was denying herself EVEN FURTHER, we can't have that can we :-)

    Handmade By Emily, hi, thanks for the comment. Totally agree, it could have been such a great article but she blew it by pleading poverty. I would have found it an interesting read by to be honest her comments were sticking in my throat and making me want to vomit :-)

    Cheeky Beauty Have you read it now? Go on, the blood boiling will warm you up, i promise x x

  10. she's full of bull crap! sign up to martin lewis's money saving email or something.

    also, aldi's christmas pudding was rated second in the high street face off on the Good Food channel yesterday...

  11. Oh go on I'll read it now.. Just getting myself ready for the rage I'll feel..

  12. I hated that article, it really was so awful and I lost interest at the point she said she earned £500 a week.. maybe before, but the article is such a joke and full of crap. NO sympathies here.

  13. I'm still without words on this one...

  14. Oh what a hard life she is leading!

  15. I agree with all the comments made here! I would have been ashamed to even write that article! She needs a life reality check! Please stop teaching your children, that a good life is just about having material items! Parents who give their children everything in life are not really helping or teaching them at all, they will never learn to appreciate what they have, till they have worked long & hard to get it for themselves. Does not matter where you live or shop! No sympathies here!!!

  16. Disgusting. £500 a week!? Woe is truly her, perhaps we should consider setting up some sort of charity for her? For want of a better word I am gob-smacked at what I just read, even though it was on the Daily Mail website...

  17. I actually stopped reading when i got to the part where she was banging on about ribbons. "Not the place to fill an entire stocking?" Aww, diddums. DON'T FILL THE POXY THING THEN. I got my son's Santa shopping from Littlewoods this year, because I just could not afford to go out and pay a lump sum to a toy shop. Suits me fine, I can pay it back every month for a while. You know what will be in his stocking? crayons and sweets. And not £5 crayons, either. Clothes are too expensive - has she not discovered Primark? That woman can't afford a wreath? Heavens!! Well, that's Christmas ruined then, obviously. "I would love to bake, but I don't have time." Well you have time to trawl the shops bitching about the price of everything, perhaps some of that energy would be better suited to making some savoury treats. Stupid bloody woman, may her and her tiny pipe-cleaner birds have the runs until Valentine's Day.


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