Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sureslim Diet Week 11

Everyone who has ever been on a diet will understand the week that I have had.

Last tuesday I lost 2lb, I fitted in my inspiration dress that I had been keeping in my wardrobe for the last 5 years.

and I knew that I had a huge night out on Friday which included a christmas dinner and enough alcohol to quench the thirst of 7 sailors.

So what did I do knowing that I had ONE night out?

Thats right, I ATE everything I could see.

It was as though my brain thought I would be having a big night out so it was already going to be a bad week so screw it lets go crazy!!!!

(I swear it was if my mouth was possessed by hungry children)

Why do we do that?

I know from past experiences that I CAN have a night out if I follow the rules correctly and still lose weight but I just couldn't stop myself.

I went to a childrens party Saturday, I apologise if it was one of your children I elbowed out of the way to reach the sausage rolls, and lets not even talk about those little chocolate muffins!!!!!! It was a shameful moment in my life, Can I blame it all on the sugar rush?

So I stepped on the scales this morning like someone facing a firing squad. Fully prepared for the punishment that lay ahead in the form of a couple of pounds ON.

And guess what?

I lost a pound!!!!!

Did I dodge a bullet or WHAT!!!!!!!!!

That now pushes me down into the next stone. which makes me very happy and gives me incentive to dig deep again. I am out again this Saturday night but will be strong enough to avoid alcohol (Maybe just one or two)

I  treat each week as a learning experience and this week I have learnt not to write off a whole week just because of one night out. We've all done it haven't we?

But I'm learning as I go and I have definitely learnt that the feeling I get from a piece of chocolate or sausage roll is NOWHERE near as good as the feeling I get when I pull on a pair of size 14 jeans. x x x

I wonder what next weeks lesson will be :-)

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Well done, and you look fab in that dress. Did anyone reconise you? I think the occasional blow out kicks starts the thing, well so I've heard. Done a few pounds myself this week but been ill... great cos back into a size 12 great way to kick start my weight loss again. Good you didn't swap the kids for cheese yesterday then. Sue E&B

  2. Well done, you look amazing and should be so proud. x

  3. You really do look great! :)

    An inspiration to alot of other ladies I'm sure.

    Fee x

  4. I'm impressed, you look gorge in the dress! How much more are you trying to lose? x

  5. Thanks ladies for your kind words x x x

    Lucy just another stone. Not too much. I love my curves too much to want to be too thin. Plus I'm 34 if I lose too much I'll just look really old LOL

  6. I know a lot of people who were on and off with diets. But they lost a lot of weight when they stopped worrying about it.
    You should find things about yourself which you love and be proud about them. Be happy who you are and stop worrying. Eat healthy and whatever you want but not too much. I'm sure you'll lose a lot of weight.

    And... as I already told you via Twitter - you looked fabolous in your dress.

  7. Love the dress! you look fab x

  8. You look amazing in your party outfit. Well done to you. And it shows that you are able to take your foot off the pedal for an evening and still stay on track. Enjoy this week's outings ;o) x

  9. You are looking fabulous! Great to see your success. It's so so easy to think that one blow out will mean the end of everything, and it's so hard to not use that as an excuse to eat more. But the main thing is, it's ok to go wild once in a while. So long as you get back on that horse afterwards, it's not the end of the world - all about balance. Well done lady!

  10. Your last bit about the jeans makes me think of Kate Moss when she said 'Nothing tastes as good as feeling thin feels'. You look fab, well done. xxx

  11. Oh I have sooooo done that!
    Think I am doing it now, knowing I don't weigh in until 8 January and Christmas coming up, not to mention New Year...
    Well done on getting into your inspiration dress!
    I may take you as my inspiration if you don't mind!?


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