Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Sureslim Diet week 13 Update

Ah ha, bet you didn't think you would see another post from me so soon did you?

I haven't been able to get out of the house today due to poorly little one but I did however manage to get out last night and find a set of scales in Boots that didn't look as though they would lie to me to much.

Now, I know it was a different time from when I usually get weighed but I was of the opinion that I have a slippery slope in front of me and I want to be in control as much as possible.

Lets face it, it is christmas and it is a time of food and frivolity and wine and presents and while I want to watch what I eat and be careful at the same time I am not going to be sitting in the corner eating carrot sticks while people eat a roast Dinner.

BUT if I had not been weighed this week then I think I would have used it as an excuse to go absolutely OTT with my food consumption. One prawn cocktail becomes a chocolate cake (It does, trust me) one small serving of brussel sprouts becomes a family-sized bar of Galaxy (Don't ask how, it just happens ok?) and before I know it I am back to where I started.


So I stepped on the scales, after a week of vomiting, not eating and then feeling ravenously hungry when I felt better and found...................................................................

I have stayed the same.

I'm happy with that once more.

I definitely will take that as a good result. It is the 21st of December and christmas food is everywhere so I am more than happy to find once more I am maintaining my weight.

Sure it may be a bit boring for you guys ;-) but at least I can get over christmas and attack the last stone in weight that I need to lose with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Yes it was different scales from what I usually use but I think that if I HADN'T weighed myself this week then the damage I would have done to my weight NEXT week would have been phenomenal.

Have a fantastic christmas everyone.

Thank you for all your support over the last three months. Your support has definitely helped spur me on and keep me on the right path.

Thank you again to SureSlim UK, who have completely changed my life this year.

If you feel like you have over-indulged at christmas or your New Year Resolution is to lose weight Then I can't recommend SureSlim Uk highly enough. they have definitely changed my life and I can't see myself eating any other way now.

Here is the link for the website.


Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Whoop whoop! Nice one, babe :)

  2. Congrats congrats congrats! Maintaining during December is all most of us can hope for I think. Too many parties and lunches and mince pies on offer!

    I'm slightly dreading Christmas dinner because I just hit my target (with Weight Watchers), and I know I will put at least some weight back on with all the turkey and pork pie and pigs in blankets and gravy. But it's worth it...you need a blow-out every now and then, right? And Jan is easy for losing weight because everyone is poor, nobody goes out and half your mates think it's a good idea not to drink for a month (though 50% give up by the 15th).

    Am really enjoying following your 'journey' (ugh, awful word, sorry) and you are looking absolutely amazing. Stay fabulous! xxx

  3. Well done with your weight loss! I'm also losing the weight I've wanted to for years but find Christmas so so tough and have lost motivation over the past couple of months, and it show! Hopefully a new year will boost my motivation!
    Have a fab Christmas
    Belle xx

  4. Congratulations Kellie on your fabulous achievement. You've been a total inspiration. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your fambo. Enjoy! x

  5. Awesome achievement! :)



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