Tuesday, 14 December 2010

SureSlim UK Diet - Week 12

This week is brought to you by the letter T

For Tired.

I am tired, very very tired. Everyone in my household is ill. There has been fainting, vomiting, blood tests the works and this means that MUMMY has to step up and put herself last.

So T is for tired this week.

And do you know what happens when you are tired? you EAT. Bad, bad food that at any other time you wouldn't even want to eat. Or you can't face cooking and just nibble on stuff. Or you spend the week eating Rice cakes for lunch before realising they are not on your diet plan!!!!!

Tiredness is a dietbusting ho bag in my opinion.

It was an emotional week too with the anniversary of my fathers death and I know that I am an emotional eater. I'm sad, I eat. I'm happy I eat. Any emotion gets pushed back down with food.

So how did I do this week?

I stayed the same!!!!!!!!!!!

not a lb on, not a lb off and quite frankly i will take that this week.

It seems that my body has found a level that it feels happy with. I would like to lose about a stone more but at least I know that when I reach my target I will be able to maintain that weight.

It is Christmas very soon and I think with all the parties coming up I am switching my strategy from trying to lose weight to trying to not put it on. I am relaxing a bit but am not taking my eyes off the prize.

So 12 weeks in and 2 stone 7lb off. and in all that time I have never put on a single lb.

By jove I think i've cracked it.

Till next week x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Good news, I do think the plan allows you to manage what you eat a lot better, and TBH I quite happily see myself continuing on the same path when I have lost the weight.
    Who knows... maybe it teaches your body to use food in a different way and that's why you haven't put weight on. Very good though, I am sure at the moment you could do without feeling bad about putting a few pounds on, so it's all good news. Have a lovely Xmas, I think as long as you're sensible it should be okay :) x

  2. Not disappointed honey!

    I think its a great plan, no need to worry yourself about weight loss over the festive season.

    All things in moderation (except shoes).

  3. Your still doing brilliantly! Staying the same when your not focused is harder than losing! And its like you say, at least now you know that you'll be able to manage your weight once your at your target :)

  4. Well done! Have you changed your profile picture recently? You look fab!

  5. Good girl - you are my inspiration :-)


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