Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Another fantasy ruined

Hear that noise?

That is the sound of my fantasy smashing into a thousand pieces.

Picture the scene.

An East London fire station. Shift change, LOTS of firemen milling around in tight navy t-shirts.

Can I just point out I did have a legitimate reason to be there, I don't just hang around fire stations for thrills (any more)

Now if you ask any woman about firemen then the chances are she is going to go weak at the knees and let out a little sigh.

Let me tell you now, these women with firemen fantasies haven't set foot near a fire station in years.

The nearest they have got is standing in front of their "Smokin Hotties of 2011" calender and believe me, I don't know where they keep these firemen they use on the Official Fire Brigade calender but they don't work in a station near me, I know, I have checked them all (purely for research purposes obviously)

Most firemen that I have seen are fat and forty, not one has made me wonder what his hose looks like (phnar phnar) or made me "smoulder" with desire.

That's it, I am giving up on the fireman fantasy altogether. Believing in hot firemen is like believing in Father Christmas, you are told they are real but has anyone actually seen one with their own eyes?

I think not.

Or am I wrong?

Have you seen any hot fireman lately?

OR have you had one of your fantasies crushed when faced with the reality?

I would say keep it clean but hell no, be as smutty as you like

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I live nextdoor to a fire station. The answer is wholeheartedly no, there are no fitties. At all.

  2. I think I've seen ONE!! ONE...In my 23 years of life, well not that I've been peeking for that long LOL! Like I just said to you on Twitter, I'm going to make it a goal to snap any time I see one, who of course will pose lol

  3. Theres a few at my work, check out the website again, but they are pure fantasy.

  4. An ex boyfriend's best mate was a fireman and was a hottie. Rather fancied him actually!

  5. oh no!! say it isn't so! it's all a fantasy! they don't exist!! :(:( to be honest with you, I always used to think firemen outside the town I grew up in Southern Spain would be those we all fantasise about. The ones I've seen all my life have pot bellies, a bored look on their face and spent too much time playing board games...their private gym holds too much dust and their weight lifting routines are about grabbing cans of Fanta... how depressing to hear that out there things are the same.

    But a good laugh of a read Kellie :)

  6. I used to work near a fire station and never saw a hot fireman - all graying on top and getting podgy. WHERE'S THE NEW TALENT?!

  7. I have seen one super hot Police man in my time but the Firemen who used to show up at our uni halls looked like John Prescott. Shexy no? No.

  8. I have gone one better and seen a whole troop of hot FRENCH firemen in Paris! All the ones in England I've seen? Not hot.

  9. I see the uniform so shortsighted that it is purely and simply the uniform, I think I will leave it at that. Jan x

  10. You should have seen the hotties (well one of 'em) at the last 'emergency' I passed by. Nom nom very much!

  11. oh kellie - go to cambridge!!! a friend's partner is a fireman and he is a hottie! that's the only real fireman i've ever seen, never hung around a firestation.. ;)
    great read! i like your style of writing.


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