Thursday, 6 January 2011

A change in my life

Can you hear that?

Nope me either, it is as Simon & Garfunkel once wrote, The sound of silence.

And it is beautiful........

Let me fill you in on the situation. After TEN years of being a domestic slave, therapist, teacher, comforter and referee (or mother as they are also known) my youngest (and last) child is as of today attending FULL-TIME school.

It is possibly the best day of my life.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my children with all my heart but somewhere along the way I swapped heels for flats, manicures for the washing up (I exaggerate, I have a dishwasher) and late nights for early mornings. Lunches used to entail wine, not nugget happy meals (although I do love the toy) and dinners used to involve um....... more wine not a salad cart and a children's menu.

and all this seemed to happen while I wasn't looking!!!!!!!!!!

But no more!!!!!!! (I seem to be getting a little bit exclamation mark happy with this post don't I?)

As of today I have from 9am until 3.15pm to rediscover who I really am, and the possibilities are endless. I MAY go to college in September, I may volunteer for a charity, I may even drop off the children and go straight back to bed for the day ( I think that one is definitely on my to-do list)

The point is it is up to me, as Derek Trotter once wrote " The world is my lobster"  and I cannot wait to explore and grow as an individual.

So if you happen to walk by a school today and you see a sobbing woman at the gates, don't worry about her, chances are they are tears of joy.

I'm off for a pub lunch, and to look up after-school clubs, I wonder if I can stretch another hour or so out of this.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. I can remember the joy of getting back into the car at 9.05 am and having the whole day stretch before me, full of endless promise. Enjoy it Kellie, don't fill it with housework and worthiness. One of the biggest thrills for me was going into town and it being quiet, being able to sit with a cup of tea and not be bothered by anyone. Unfortunately it goes all to quickly as mine are now either on study leave and here (grrrrrr) or at college and in bed and here (double grrrrrrrr). Have fun today. Jan xx

  2. Great post hun, i read it with a big smile. My youngest is nearly 3 and i am so looking forward to the day he starts school. It must be a great feeling today. Like you say its time to have some time just for you xx

  3. Ooh how exciting, you sound like you're making a lot of positive changes lately :-)

  4. I absolutely know how you feel. I loved being able to shop. Alone. Don't be surprised at how quickly those hours will fly though and how soon half term comes around!

  5. Aww great post, I bet you start to miss them being at home soon!

  6. Great post - made me smile. I'm yet to discover the joys of motherhood but I hope I remember this when the youngest goes to school... x

  7. hhehheehehe great post, made me smile! you start 2011 well don't you? ;) go enjoy your freedom!

  8. hahaha, loved the post so much I had to read it to my husband. You're such an excellent writer, witty, to the point, and humorous as well. And I must add it's a delight to read something that is written in proper/gramatically correct English.
    Love your blog Kellie x


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