Monday, 24 January 2011

Geordie Shore

So it has been brought to my attention that MTV are going to be creating a new show based on Jersey Shore called Geordie Shore

Once I had checked my calender to make sure it wasn't April Fools day (they haven't moved it have they?) I came to the conclusion that this wasn't going to be something that is repeated on Sky Arts (although I think Channel 4 will be putting in a bid) 

Somehow I don't think MTV are going to be following an undergraduate, a librarian, school teacher and toll booth collecter as they try to discover their hidden depths and share their love of education and minimalist art do you?

It is going to be choc full of stereotypes and way-ay man boozed up Geordies talking about their love of footie, tattoos and beer (and that will just be the women)

If there isn't a cameo by Gazza in this programme I will eat my Phillip Treacy.

You at the back flicking through the channels trying to Sky+ it-STOP THAT IMMEDIATELY.

So MTV, I thought I would help you out and once you have used up all your Geordie cliches and are on the look out for something new, you can turn your attention to......................

Mersey Shore, (What shores is mine, ey ey ey)

MTV follows 3 Scouse brothers as they look for a job while balancing their love of shell suits, football and curly perms. (cameos will be Kenny Dalgleish and obviously Abby Clancy, the budget didn't stretch to Coleen Rooney unfortunately)

For earlier in the day viewers of MTV there will be Jersey Shore UK, where nothing much happens apart from the occasional murder (cameo by John Nettles, obviously) there will also be an online exclusive of its sister programme Guernsey Shore, it has the same issues except the perps usually end up being the monkeys, (Or do I have my islands mixed up)

For after the watershed you have MTVs cutting edge programme based in East London,

called Are You Fu*king Sure, it will follow various cockney type shady characters as they embark on various drug deals, calling each other geezer and mate and finding ways to defraud the goverment of what is rightfully theirs (innit bruv) Cameo in this one will be Danny Dyer, (although Guy Ritchie begged for a part)

So there you go MTV, If you want to commission any of these programmes drop me a line,

I'll be waiting

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Wye aye man that's geet funny!!! *cringe*
    seriously well done Hun will be sharing this around all my friends who are as equally mortified as me about the whole situation!

  2. This makes me feel so sad.

    I was born and bred in Newcastle and all my family still live there. It's an amazing place full of amazing people. Yes, a lot of Geordie's have accents, love a drink and live for footie - it's hardly groundbreaking news is it? Besides which, many others are creative, highly educated, articulate folk. The North East has a terrible reputation for being full of women who wear to little and men who drink too much, something the area has been trying to shake off because it's frankly not true for the majority of peole who live there.

    If this show goes ahead that reputation is going to come crashing down all over again. It'll no doubt be filmed a lot in the Bigg Market - the roughest area for nights out in the city. I'm sure there'll be no sign of the glorious Quayside with it's view of the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art or The Sage, or the blinking bridge.

    Sorry for the rant - this is the first I've heard of it and I'm gutted!


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