Sunday, 16 January 2011

Gym Bunny

Well check me out, I'm a gym bunny.

So last Thursday I had my gym induction and from the minute I stepped in the gym it felt like home (albeit a rather sweaty home)  I have spent years avoiding exercise like it was an infectious disease. I thought people who said they looked forward to the gym were part of a huge conspiracy, A very skinny conspiracy but a conspiracy all the same.

But I have had a hallelujah moment. What was the point of losing NEARLY all the weight I want to lose but still not being able to run for a bus, or up my stairs for that matter!!!!

There is no point looking great on the outside without working just as hard on the inside.

The gym induction was interesting to say the least, I learnt that I CAN run (for 2 minutes) I have learnt that the gym is NOT full of impossibly skinny blonde girls in crop tops and hot pants or muscle-bound hunks in lycra (shame) I've learnt that the showers are cold (but that's ok, i'm usually hot) and that I want to be the proud owner of this

Look how pretty this bag is, A Head bag!!!! Didn't we ALL have one of these as our school bags? Oh the nostalgia. I now want this as my gym bag, (minus the Kellie Luvs Matt Goss written in pen on the side obviously)

Who says that I can't go to the gym and still be a Fashionista?

I'm hopping off to the gym now, (sorry, I couldn't resist)

Leave me some love and inspiration to keep it up x x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Haha loving the head bag! I was in the era were we all have Head Tennis Racket sleeves.

    Also welldone on loving the gym seeing as most people losing weight hate it!

    Fee x

  2. You are doing so well! It is so easy to make excuses to yourself (I have made them all at one time or another)
    Also totally loving the bag *memories* I had a pale purple and white one!

  3. I am a poor student who cannot afford the gym, but I bought the Pilates for dummies DVD and loved it. Exercise isn't the source of all evil after all!


  4. Psst.

    My name is Kelly and I am a gymoholic.

    I wouldn't be seen dead in a crop top, but I do love the gym. Plenty of skinny laydeez in my local, but I am often on the treadmill a lot longer than them.

    My Head bag said Kelly 4 Ronan 4 Ever on it...

  5. You have done fantastically well, agree that can only tone up when weight has gone. Jan x

  6. Haha! I had a lilac and cream Head bag and it was my pride and joy when I was about 14. Am inspired by your efforts and will be doing some back reading ASAP! x

  7. looove that bag... pink and sooo pretty. I personally hate gyms, have done them for years, but never really enjoyed visiting them, the sweaty people, the torturing machines... But completely agree that we have to do some sort of exercise. It's vital, extremely important for our health so well done you!


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