Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hot Girl Crush Alert.

Angelina, Megan, even Ola Jordan. I am comfortable enough in my sexuality to admit to a girl crush and all of those beautiful ladies have been my crush at one time or another.

Well move over Megan, Adieu Angelina and Off you go Ola because I have a brand new girl crush going on and this one is for keeps (or until someone hotter comes along)

Olivia Wilde, star of House, O.C and now coming to the attention of every teenage boy and sci-fi geek due to Tron: Legacy, Let's face it....... she is a goddess.

We all have a girl crush don't we? Whether we want to be them or be with them there is nothing wrong with it at all.

Who's YOUR girl crush?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Mine is now her! Corr blimey Gov!!

  2. Rihanna, Abby Clancy (I can't help it, I just think she's fit), Beyonce, Nicki, I can assure you I'm straight, honest!

  3. Kirstie Allsopp! When I watch Location, Location, Location, and Relocation, Relocation James calls it my Kirstie p*rn!

  4. Ooh I am so with you on the Kirstie one! And Nigella - the spectacular naughty wench! Clearly curvy Brunettes are my thing....

  5. Nicole Scherzinger and Holly Willoughby. I heart them both. :)

  6. my only girl crush is actually my biggest and longest running crush out of all of them.

    It's Pink. She never looks as good in pictures as she does moving about in videos but I'm completely smitten.

  7. Claudia Schiffer...of course..Super Goddess!

  8. Girl crush - hmmm has to be you at the moment! Go away for a bit and come back and there you are with your Phil Oakey hair cut and amazing decollatage, you are smokin' . Also quite go for Debbie Harry - you can tell my era! Jan xx

  9. My girl crush is Kirstie Allsop too, I didn't realise she was so popular!

  10. Oh ladies, you have fabulous taste in women. Especially you Jan :-D


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