Thursday, 6 January 2011

Nom or Vom

Welcome to 2011 everyone,

Shall we just jump straight into a hot man? (Phnar phnar)

This man has been highly recommended by the lovely Bicky from

I have to admit I hadn't heard of him before she recommended him but I have to admit I like what I see.

So lets take a look at Jenson Ackles shall we?


Ooooh hello, that's slightly saucy (I like it)

See now, even with clothes on i am picturing him naked

I have come over all unnecessary now!!!!

In fact you could be looking at my new wallpaper for my shiny new laptop :-)

Enjoy the rest of your day, what do you think? Nom or Vom

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Flipping NOM to the NOM of all NOMS..

  2. OH LORD! He's feckin' NOM-TASTIC! I've seen him in loads of stuff and every time he graces my screen, I wish he was gracing me...



  3. NOM! Nothing else to say really! :)

  4. Never heard of him, but he is NOM!!!

  5. Is it me or does the 2nd (and 4th too, perhaps) photo look mahooooooosively photoshopped? Like his face has been pasted onto another body?

    Either way, he is very pretty but not as pretty as his Supernatural on-screen brother. Jared Padalecki - NOMANDAHALF.

  6. oh, so pretty...Although perhaps too pretty?

    oh,to hell with it: Nom!

  7. Nom all the way! Nom nom nom nom nom :)

  8. Hmmm Im torn between a Nom and a Vom.... He has funny looking eyes+not a nice face, but a NICEEEEEE bod... Think I'll just stare at his torso and shove paperbag over his bonce! :)

  9. Nom Nom Nom, you should also check out Jared Padalecki who plays his bro in Supernatural! xx

  10. Oh God, Nom Nom Nom and then some!! My boyfriend is addicted to Supernatural and I pretend not to like it while all the time internally drooling (that sounds wrong) over this hot piece of ass! Girlfriend brownie points + nomalicious eye candy = win! And the character he plays is all dark and broody and sexy as hell...grrrrr....

  11. I agree, he's quite delicious! I'm not ashamed to admit that I mostly watch Supernatural for the eye candy, and not for the storylines.

    (Although I'm pretty sure the topless pictures are photoshopped and not actually him! I'm not one to deprive a chance to perv, so here's Jensen Ackles actually topless!)

  12. NOM!jensen is my fave ever, i've even got a picture of him on my wall!

  13. I'd say it depends on the photos... so for me it's half nom half vom x

  14. Too young as per and 3rd photo...he looks a bit like my eldest son so no on all levels really. Come on Kellie I know you have been watching the Darts, how about some sweaty comb overs to get my pulses racing? Jan x

  15. Nom!

    I have never watched Supernatural....does it have much nudity, or gratuitous shirt off-ness? Might be worth suffering through some dodgy storylines though even with the shirt on!

    Excellent recommendation from Bicky


  16. Nom! I love him in Supernatural but he was super hot in Smallville.
    Might I suggest looking into his onscreen brother in Supernatural Jared Padalecki ... Really good topless pics ;)

  17. NOM!!! It's taken you soo long to get him up? Most of the pics are photoshopped but there's a lovely one with his bott-bott out from his early modelling days! He and his onscreen bro are one of the many reasons to watch Supernatural! NOM again!!

  18. yummy lovely jensen i love him and jensen and misha. 3 very good reasons for me being addicted to supernatural :)

  19. Looks a bit squeaky clean to me...

    That boy needs some hair on his chest! And his chin!

    ;) x


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