Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sureslim Uk Back on track.

I had a good christmas, and New Year, In fact I spent most of the time hanging around a table of food with a drink in my hand (bliss)

What? Surely that is what christmas is all about isn't it? Food?

Don't judge me people, you know you all did exactly the same didn't you? Didn't you?

So yesterday it was time to survey the damage and get back on track.

I stepped on the scales KNOWING that I had definitely put on weight but not quite sure how much.

The damage was 5 lb.

and you know what? I'm happy with that. (it could have been a LOT worse, I promise you)

I ate so much food that I ate myself ready to diet again and I don't feel guilty for everything I ate over the holidays otherwise it would take away the point of it. I had two weeks off my diet, ate EVERYTHING I wanted and now i'm ready to get back to the healthy eating plan. (hides jellybabies for next week off)

I'm hoping to lose that 5lb this week and be completely back on track.

And here's a newsflash for you all,Ii'm thinking of taking up EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!

(It's ok, I just said thinking about it, don't worry about me too much just yet)

So how did you all do over the christmas break?

Anyone else put on weight and now ready to take it off again?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. 'I ate myself ready to diet again' oh how I know that feeling! I'm more than ready for a good plate of veggies and and some huge salads - in fact anything green will do!

  2. I started my diet yeaterday. Considering Weight Watchers but basically it's down to the willpower of not putting your hand to your mouth isn't it : ) Stocked up on frozen sprouts and tomato soup. Thank God I sleep alone!

  3. Yep, I did the same and enjoyed every minute and bite. I started exercising again on mnday and healthy eating yesterday which is so difficult when there's so much Christmas food still around! I put on 4lbs and hopefully I can get rid of that in a couple of weeks to get back to where I was before because I still have a few more to shift after that to be at goal weight. good luck hun, I look forward to reading more fo your update posts xxx

  4. You sounded like you'd put on more than that, so I guess 5lbs only is not such a bad thing. You'll see, it will come off quickly.
    What kind of exercise are you thinking of taking?

  5. I put on 4lb and like you say could have been worse! Have lost 2st 10lb since July and am determined to loose a couple more by the summer. x

  6. See we are all fantastic women and our willpower has returned from it's christmas break and we are ready to kick butt x x x

  7. You definitely should start exercising! It is so hard to get yourself to the gym/to a class but afterwards I guarantee you'll feel amazing. Plus I notice a huge difference in my metabolism after some cardio exercise and I'm sure the stuff I eat burns off quicker. And after a workout you also don't feel like eating junk food so it helps with the cravings. Start slow so you don't lose motivation though as there's nothing more mortifying than falling off a bike during spin class (never again) xx

  8. i thought we'd discussed the dangers of this running malarky earlier in 2010?! good luck in 2011!

  9. I put on probably about the same, but am kicking myself because I sort of forced myself to eat stuff I didn't want/need/feel hungry for. Still getting back on track now - happy new year. Jan x


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