Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sureslim UK Diet update

You know what? I've actually forgotten what week we are up to now!!! I will have to count it all up for next week.

So this week I was disappointed to find that I only lost 2lb- I really expected to lose more than that but as it is once again that time of the month I suppose I am lucky I didn't end up putting ON weight.

After having christmas off the diet my body has decided to rebel with the might of a 2 year old child, It wants chocolate, biscuits and also has a hankering for Quavers !!!!!!!!! (stupid cravings)

Over the last three months my periods have been a lot easier to bear since being on the diet, no bloating or cravings to deal with but as I took some time off, the need for sugar and basically CRAP has this month been unbearable.

Can't wait to get my blood sugar levels stabilised again and get back to how I was before christmas.

A BIG difference that I have made to my life today is that I've joined the gym.

Cue the fainting.

I know, ME........ in a gym...................... Who would have thought it?

(I get exhausted if I have a run in my tights) Seriously, I think I may be allergic to exercise, it makes me get all red and sweaty!!!!!! (that can't be right can it?)

But NEW START, NEW ME, I am so close to my target weight that now I also want to tone up and get fit.

I have even worked out a timetable.

Monday - Gym   (feel the burn)

Wednesday - Boxercise  (feel my wrath)

Friday - Aquaerobics  (Feel sick)

My gym induction is Thursday and i'm going to ask them to devise me a programme that I can stick to.

I need to buy trainers now. (Not something I am looking forward to I have to admit) but I think that is going to be a whole other blog post :-)

So 2lb off this week, it is still going in the right direction so onwards and downwards I go

How are you all doing in your New Year get fit regime?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Hey,

    I have been in the same position as you, I put a lot of weight on when I was a teenager and when I started University it really hit me I had to do something about it and I have never looked back. I felt exactly the same about going the gym - people will stare, I'll be sweaty and people will laugh at the way I run. By going through the induction, making a plan and going through it with an instructor, so you know how to do everything is a really insentive - not to mention the start weight-in. Having to do all those things and set a time-related goal really motivates you. I did this, and I stuck to it and I now enjoy the whole experience. Excercise became a way of de-stressing, clearing your head and it makes you feel goo because you're standing up straighter and it fills you with endorfins. I have lost 3 stone because of doing this, so I say embrace it and you'll most likely enjoy it.


  2. once you started losing weight (the first pounds go fast because its the stored water in your body) then you actually need to do sports as well as cutting down on amount of food to burn the extra fat.

    so basically the pounds go fast and then it goes slowly and stagnate so its just natural and dont feel too upset


  3. Thats brilliant, well done you! You are a total inspiration. I've sent you an email about sureslim, I hope you don't mind :)
    Georgie x

  4. Well done, 2 lbs is a good loss - good luck on the keep fit campaign - the only time I tried Aquaerobics I nearly drowned, being a short arse and a giggler is not a good combination in this activity so make sure you're at the right depth for you!
    Reminds me , I must cancel my unused gym membership!!

  5. thanks ladies, I was hoping for more but going to take it as a loss and move on to the next week with my head held high x x


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