Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sureslim UK Week 18

Hello week 18. Week 18? that was my old clothes size (ok, 20-you broke me)

It seems like so long ago now that I was hiding under layers of clothes and making excuses that I loved my curves and enjoy my food too much to diet.

What I do now ISN'T a diet. It is a way of life, I don't feel like I deny myself in any way, I eat well and never feel anymore hungry than the next person.

My relationship with food has definitely changed, Food was my support network, my buddy system. If I was sad, I cheered myself up with food, Happy? Let's celebrate with a cake (ok 2, you lot are on the ball today)

All that has changed. My body is like a car, Food to me now is fuel. I put good fuel into my body as I want it to go faster, last longer and definitely be more streamlined (although I want to keep my great bumpers thanks)

I seem to have been bitten by the exercise bug, I am still loving going to the gym but I am developing a fascination for running, Currently I am running on a treadmill but I love the idea of the wind in my hair poundig the tarmac with nothing to interrupt me, a way to push my body that little bit further and see what I can really do. (although I don't want anyone to see me as I have a sneaking suspicion I run like Phoebe from Friends, Eeeeeeek)

I need to invest in some good trainers, I never knew there was so much choice, It is enough to make your head spin, Asics, New Balance, Neutral, Nike, I am a confused mess. I am going to take a trip to my local running shop and see what they can do to help me. I will keep you all informed.

So this weeks weight loss was 2lb, I am happy with that. After 18 weeks to still be steadily dropping weight for me is amazing, I have usually run amok in Greggs by now, (I think I am still banned from my local one from last time)

Total weight loss now is 38lb. I haven't weighed this low in years, I look forward to how I feel in the summer, usually my worst time of year due to the heat and am already trying to pick out clothes for a perfect summer wardrobe.

It is amazing to be looking forward to the summer for once, and I know that when the summer comes I will be at my target weight and be enjoying it to the full.

Thank you all for your continued support x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. That is wonderful, am happy for you!

  2. Your doing so well, u keep me motivated :) I even ventured back to my own gym (fitness classes) xx

  3. Such a great achievement hun :) It's so nice to read how motivated you are (it's always difficult to go from being motivated enough to start something, go through the tough times & then stick at it to see great results). From what you wrote, I know you'll keep at it :)

    Cat x


  4. Well done, it's a great achievement! PS Phoebe running - hilarious!

  5. I'm so pleased for you and the way you're feeling about yourself, well done!

    I started running in December (at 7am before work!!!) but I've basically had a chest infection from Dec 20th onwards so I've had to stop til it's better, I'd really got into it too :-( Definately recommend the Couch to 5k plan for anyone as exercise-phobic as me!

  6. Brilliant results as ever!xx


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