Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Am I past it?

Serious question.  These days exactly when do we hit middle-age?

I need to know,

I'm 35 and that means that back when man lived for three score years and ten, I would be classed as exactly middle-aged (pulls out American tan tights and a polyester flowery house coat)

But seeing as we all live longer now that HAS to mean that I'm not yet there yet.....doesn't it?

When I was a teenager I used to think that anyone over the age of twenty was past it, but as I get older the goalposts seem to be moving, when I hit twenty, thirty seemed old, now I am 35 I'm thinking that................ I'm going to offend a lot of my readers if I carry on with this train of thought.

But what exactly is middle age anyway?

Middle age always invokes feelings of being safe, wearing comfortable shoes and early nights-Well I'm not ready for that yet, I still want danger, Louboutins and going to bed in the early hours of the morning. (only one night a week though,  any more than that and i'm exhausted)

Will middle age just one day creep up on me like a mugger in an alley and steal my looks, leaving me with grey hair, wrinkles and a craving for Horlicks?

Sorry but I don't think I want that.

Anyway there are so many glamorous women out there that are, um how can I put this? cracking on a bit (too much?) who still look fabulous that I have decided that frankly I am not going to give a stuff.

Middle age is not going to frighten me.................................... Whenever it is?

(It's still a long way off though right?............right)

Big Fashionista x


  1. 35 is NOT middle aged!
    I'm 46 and although I suppose that definitely does put me in the category, I refuse to get in the box. Maybe I'll start sighing randomly, running my finger along other women's shelves to check for dust, competing in the "my ailment's worse than yours" game, and wearing wrinkled stockings once the Menopause hits, but so far I haven't had the urge.
    (BTW, I have seen a worrying number of young girls - late teens, early 20s - openly wearing what look suspiciously like the American Tan tights this week. Did they suddenly creep back into fashion whilst I wasn't looking?).

    I think of it as mind over matter (if you don't mind, it doesn't matter), so just enjoy being you no matter how many miles are on the clock!

    And you definitely don't look middle-aged, but then you know that, don't you?

  2. I'm 35 too hun, 36 in april. The things that make me feel my age are the fact that i found a pure white hair in the middle of my parting. My memory is shocking. I actually believed for most of this year that i was 36 until my husband told me i was only 35. I had to count back to check ha.
    Saying all that though i do not feel 35 and i certainly dont feel middle aged.
    The 30's is a great time. I feel more confident and a lot happier than in my 20's.
    Age is nothing but a number xx

  3. depends on how we define middle age. If it's half way between birth and death then it's impossible to know when you are there. You only know when you WERE then and by that time it doesn't matter.

    If it means the age at which we start to do all those awful things go with the stereotype - then for a lot of us we'll never actually get there. We're not expected to behave like that anymore and it's prefectly acceptable not to.

    I think we shoudol get rid of the term 'middle aged' anyway - if we treat it as though someone had said something unnacceptably racist (look at them in disgust and horror and ask them to explain what they mean!) they might stop using the awful old-fashioned term. It no longer means anything - so it shouldn't be used.

    Shall we start a campaign?

  4. I agree with Nicoletta. I'm 34 this year and I'm savouring my thirties! I love that I'm still young enough to keep up with what's on the street but old enough to have decorum and demand respect.

    I feel more like myself than I ever have. I'm in full control of my life and I love it! I have started seeing white hairs popping up all over my head but instead of dying it or trying to hide them, I'm embracing them and making the most of myself with my young face and "old" hair.

    My client's appreciate my age too which I was most afraid of when I started up on my own. I thought that I wouldn't be wanted as much as those young fillies filling the salons with their sickly sweet perfume and selfish banter.

    I'm totally looking forward to my forties now that I know how great my thirties are. I still believe middle age is 50-55.

    In the meantime, I'm just gonna embrace my ignorance to the youth of today's chit chat and forego the Thesaurus for 13-25 Year Olds...


  5. If you expect to die at 70 you are middle aged.

  6. At 45 this year I could be classed as middle aged, infact I hope I do go before 90 for that seems mightily old to me and both I and my body will have had enough. I like the idea of wearing comfortable shoes, early nights and being safe, in fact as I type I am in my jamas and braless (oh the deep joy of removing one's bra even as a 34c) and regularly am in such attire after 7pm. There is something very comforting about not giving a monkey's fart about various bits and pieces, and at least as I get older I have forgotton what it was I was so mithered about...at least by the time I have got to the top of the stairs ;-) Jan xx

  7. I'm 40 but I don't consider myself old, to me anyone over the age of 100 is old but before then you can be perfectly functioning if you look after yourself. Yeah you will be a bit wrinkled and may walk a bit slower but really you are as old as you let yourself be. There are some 80 year olds who still climb mountains and some 20 year olds that are ready for their pipe and slippers. Age is all in the mind!

  8. I'm 35 and apart from the occasional thought of 'can I get away with wearing this/these' I don't feel old at all... its all in your outlook. Bring. It. On! x


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