Thursday, 3 February 2011

Another sad statistic

So we open our papers this morning to see yet again another baby that has been neglected by a parent and has died as a result,

A couple of years ago this heartbreaking tale would have had people weeping in the streets, been a topic on Trisha and even The Loose Women would have stopped slagging off men for long enough to shed a few tears and declare war on the parents who have deprived this poor baby boy of life.

But these days it isn't even a front page story.

Take for example The Sun. The Front page is all about Kate Moss getting engaged, (yawn) Page 3 (apart from hosting a cracking pair of chesticles) is about Cheryl Cole living in North London. (Bore off Ms Tweedy or whatever you call yourself now) The report on the death of Alex is finally published on page 15.

Are we that jaded now about the death of a child at the hands of its mother it is buried on page 15 next to a article about an OAP discovering she owned a Ming vase?

The Daily Mail (I'd like to thank my local newsagent who let me borrow this rag instead of buying it) leads with No win-No fee lawyers setting up shop in prisons to serve one-armed, no legged homosexual immigrants or something like that. I'll be honest I lost interest in reading the article, The Daily Fail does NOT agree with my digestion.

The story of Baby Alex is on page 25, after a story on a sexual harassment tribunal re John Lewis, Jordan straightening her daughters hair, Boris Becker up to his old tricks again and Jan Moir oozing all over Heston Blumenthals new restaurant dripping her odious poison all over the page.

In what world is Katie Price and her love of straighteners MORE important than the death of a child????

Not a world that I want to be a part of.

The saddest thing is the catalogue of errors by Social Services once again means this SHOULD be top news. People should demand answers on why this baby was allowed to slip through the cracks.

If they are not held accountable by people who are genuinely shocked, appalled and saddened by Social services letting another child die by not getting involved then they will NOT change.

We deserve the right to ask if councils have learnt nothing from the case of Baby P, and other children and babies deserve the right to live in a world where the help that they need is given.

and that to me is so much more important to me than Boris Becker facing yet another paternity case..

What do you think?

Should cases like this be reported in the news more often and given higher priority or would you rather live in a world where cases like this are swept under the carpet?

Let me know

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  1. The answer is 'Of course' this should rate higher is the news stakes - that's a given. I want to talk more about the point you raised about 'Social services'. The social care arena is not one singular amorphous mass - working in one way and heading in one direction. Unfortunately, and I know from personal experience, this arena is made up of people who with varying degrees of training and various levels of support who are trying to manage a ridiculous number of varied cases. It is absolutely a tragedy when a child and family is let down - that's not for debate. But you've got some really good people who are working under the most ridiculous of conditions. You've also got some lax ones. You go into social care because you have a passion for helping people - not that a lot of people seem to see this.

    Lost my thread. My two pence worth anyway

  2. This is really awful, sad to think what the worlds coming to. Great blogpost though x

  3. YES stories like these need to be reported on in order to prevent others happening! Out of interest I went on the Daily Fail's site to see where it ranked online and they choose to put bikini photos of Lisa Snowdon up the top, and poor baby Alex's story is somewhere down the bottom. Ridiculous. What has reporting come to?! The Independent's site (usually I like this one) has let me down as I can't see the story anywhere on the front page but maybe I'm missing it - the point is, why are these stories being almost hidden away? How is that going to help? Makes me sad...


  4. No no no NO. This is not entirely the social works faults. As a student studying BA Childhood Studies with law, and coming from a mother who is a social worker I cannot believe the slander people in our line of work constantly get!! Prepare for an essay..

    No social worker can go in to someones house and demand they strip their child to see all bruises/cuts/grazes etc. It is simply unethical. Also social workers are given so much paper work, my mum is given over four weeks around three hours with a child to decide whether they should be removed from their home. Can she change that? No. Most of her time goes on the paper work, and not seeing the child. Not because she doesn't want to, but because she isn't allowed to.

    Also, it is the people at the TOP who are NOT social workers who decide things like 'If a child lives with an alcoholic/drug addicted parent, they can stay there as long as they are being fed and the house is clean'. We are NOT allowed to just set up our own rules.

    The other thing is, millions of social workers do amazing jobs EVERY DAY. But are they published? The good cases, where a child is saved and given another chance? Hell no, because it's people who buy the sun, the daily fail and other tabloids that LOVE to judge us who are doing a DAMN HARD JOB. Bad news sells, simple. Good news doesn't. So please think before judging social workers because we cannot simply make up our own rules and judgement when there is so much red tape surrounding us.

    Should stories like this be published? No, I don't really think they should. Because they are published in such a way to make social workers look like idiots. These people train for four-five years and invest so much time and emotion in the job. If the story was posted in a non judgemental way then yes, publish away. But that will never happen. Our country is in a situation where they like to blame anyone but themselves.

    Phew, sorry about that essay, gets me really wound up lol!!!!

  5. It makes me sad because there are so many women out there who cannot have kids and the ones that can do not understand that they are mothers of nations.

  6. It really infuriates me when celebs are always top news, this is the culture we live in! Breaks my heart when I see children with people who don't want them and neglect them, yet there are so many desperate women out their who would do anything to have a child!

  7. I agree with Jade, people working in social services get a lot of negative press and no praise for all the cases that are successful at protecting children. I'm studying Early Childhood and we get A LOT of training on safeguarding and protecting the welfare of children so I definitely agree that the people that are trained are doing all they can to stop this kind of thing from happening to any more children.

  8. I don't understand why celebrity gossip would take precedence over a story like that. It's completely warped. However, I do always feel that whilst Social Services have a responsibility, the new stories on these types of tragedy are always very quick to blame them, but don't really criticise the parents/guardians who essentially committed the offence. It wasn't a social worker who abused (is murdered too strong a word?) the child, it was the mother, and yet I didn't see much condemnation of her in the press.


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