Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Famous Five revisited

Everyone read The Famous Five as children didn't they?

Enid Blyton, The Jacqueline Wilson of her time.

It was mentioned to me that they are revisiting The Famous Five, opinions seem to vary as to whether they will go back to them later in their life or rewrite the stories to appeal to an up to date audience.

I'm hoping that they are still undecided as I have some ideas for the writers for an up to date version, (I'm like SO down wiv da kidz ya know)

Meet Timmy, A staffy dog, loyal to his owner, he has a Burberry collar and has left various litters of pups without a daddy all over town. He's bad to the bone and has no pedigree, (It could be inferred that he is a possible illegal immigrant)

Meet Julian, Dick and Anne, Brothers and sister they share the same mum but all have different dads, Social services have been watching the family closely for a couple of years now but their hands are tied,

Julian the eldest has taken on the role of group leader, His gang name is Big Daddy J, and the other idolize him for his ability to get alcohol (lashings of blue WKD) and his organisational skills (shop lifting in Asda without being noticed takes a lot of work) Julians dominance of the group leads some outsiders wondering whether he has some sociapathic tendencies (Timmy for one is quite nervous around Julian)

Dick is just a year younger than Julian, he has a good sense of humour (childhood obesity means that he feels the need to be funny) and tries not to let his lack of a father in his life get to him. he has been excluded from a couple of schools and is currently out of education awaiting a place in a specialised school. (unfortunately budget cuts mean he may be waiting a long time)

Ann is the youngest of the group and extremely quiet and withdrawn, Social services have a note on her file about possible sexual abuse and have placed her in the care of foster parents. She is currently attending art therapy classes where she draws pictures in black ink and then burns them.

Meet George, she calls herself a cousin but is actually a foster child placed with the same people as Ann, she is very open with her desire for a sex change. she feels like she is a boy trapped in a girls body, she has self diagnosed herself with help from the internet and is trying to live as a boy until she qualifies for a sex change on the NHS. (Until she met Julian, Dick and Ann she had no other friends apart from Timmy, who really doesn't count as he is a dog)

Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin are foster parents, bless them they try hard but they only signed up to become foster carers for the extra money after Quentin lost his job as an MP after the general election. They find it hard to deal with the emotionally scarred children on top of their own problems, Quentin has depression and Fanny knows that she needs to cut back on the wine a bit.

So now you have met the up to date characters for the Famous Five,

I'm sure you can all think up some great storylines for me can't you?

Whats that noise?

That may possibly be the sound of Enid Blyton spinning in her grave.

Sorry Enid

Big Fashionista x x


  1. A while ago I considered what might have become of some childhood heroes in my "Happily Ever After?" blog post

    The Famous Five did not escape - here's where I thought they might be today:

    "Once inseparable, Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the Dog rarely see each other these days. George finally had the op. Dick and Anne have set up home together and moved to a remote village where no-one knows they're brother and sister. Julian hit the hippy trail and fried his brain in Kathmandu. Timmy the Dog is now a leading Reality TV star."

  2. The famous five - yes I remember reading those :)

  3. total lolz :)

    I loved the famous five as a child and was not too impressed at the books being "updated" as I see no need. Yes the language is different but so in the language in Shakespeare!

  4. Haha love this! Hate the idea that they're thinking of updating it though, isn't anything sacred?! Get some original ideas!

  5. I used to love The Famous Five!

  6. Haha Brilliant. I used to read FF when I was little, and it really hasn't aged well. It has a special place in my heart though.


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