Sunday, 6 February 2011

Have a heart

I see it happen every year around about this time, It starts as a low grumbling and by February 14th it is a downright scream. From,  "I hate Valentine's Day, it is such a rip off" or "Why do I need a certain day to prove that I love my partner?" to "God, all these couple everywhere make me want to puke" The hatred of Valentines day is enough to make a cherub weep.


Why all the hate?

It is completely optional, no-one is going to hit you over the head with a teddy bear if you choose not to take part (Not you Mr Fashionista)

So you think it's a rip-off?

Valentine's day doesn't have to cost you a penny. (Not you Mr Fashionista)  Sometimes the most romantic things you can do for a partner are free. (Insert a knowing smirk here)

Why are people so Anti-Valentine's Day these days? It isn't even restricted to singletons. Plenty of couples out there wouldn't spit on St Valentine if he was on fire!!!!!!  

I'm not saying everyone should celebrate Valentine's Day, I just didn't realise it was the in thing to be SO against it.

It's like people calling Santa a cu*t. (wasn't me Santa, I wouldn't dare)

So are you For Valentine's Day or Against?

and let me know WHY. (so I can start to understand)

I'm off to drop hints to Mr Fashionista about what I want for Valentines Day (Nothing says I Love You like a brand new pair of running trainers)

Big Fashionista


  1. Personally, I'm for it! Any excuse to be spoilt ;) But I also think that the one you love should be treated & spoilt all year round rather than just on one day :) x

  2. I am pro-V day:)
    I think it is a day to celebrate everyone you love, not just the person with whom you have sex - although that should figure high on the day's 'to-do' list.
    I do try to show all the peeps I love that I lve them every day; Valentine's Day is just a day to make a hoop-la of it.

  3. I'm against personally (but by all means all you soppy couples go ahead :p It's just not for me). My husband buys me flowers every couple of weeks. We say 'I love you' everyday. I'm not an emotional person and find soppy cards etc make me uncomfortable (maybe I wasn't hugged enough as a child lol?). Why pay the inflated prices for an evening out when we can go out together any time and have a better time than feeling obliged to gaze lovingly into each others eyes as awkward first dates and blazing rows struggle on around us.

    I hope everyone who enjoys valentines has a fab day. I'm working away from home so I'll be in a hotel room with a takeaway :p xx

  4. I'm Pro - each couple to their own though. I'm sick of seeing (usually) single folk whining about it. Nobody is FORCED to acknowledge it! Nobody is asking you to spend a fortune on your loved oen either, do what's special and means something to you and f**k what anybody else says.

    I'm all for a bit of love brightening up this horrid world we live in!

  5. I am pro Valentine's Day! Like you say here, it's an optional extra and you can celebrate or not celebrate the day however you like! I'm all for a day traditionally set aside to celebrate love. What could be nicer? xxx

  6. I have a love hate relationship with it. I'd love to get something, anything nice, but met the ex-to-be on this day. Blind date as well. So in a way I rue the day ever met him so bad memories really.


  7. I am pro Valentine's Day, although my husband and I show each other every day with the little things (fnarr) that we care for and respect each other. I don't like the expectation of sexy underwear in return for roses and chocolates though!

  8. I am anti, but that's probably because I'm bitter and single. I don't force my anti-ness on people though. I just glare at all the soppy facebook statuses and then eat my body weight in chocolate.

  9. Heh, well, I took to calling it "Single Awareness Day" a while back. I think singles hate it because people and advertisers try to make you feel like you might as well kill ya'self because you don't have a mate.

    Attached and married folk hate it because it's another gift-giving holiday with too much emphasis. It's like you have to express your love by the dollar amount.

    I celebrate it, but in my own way. Any guy who comes along will simply have to join in or we won't celebrate it. I usually watch horror movies and eat junk food. I may be single, but I didn't get eaten by the monster.

  10. I was never a huge fan of VD (ha! who is) but my OH has got more romantic as time has gone on, and I sort of have to go along with it really. Trouble is what does one get a shed loving man...oh another shed. Jan x


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