Thursday, 10 February 2011

Nom or Vom

There were a lot of recommendations for Nom or Vom this week, and I decided to go with the manliest, strongest, most alpha male of them all.


Ok, let's start again.

To commemorate the start of Season 2 of Cougar Town this week, there could only be ONE Nom or Vom this week.

No not Andy..... although it was nearly Bobby (for you ladies that like them pretty and dumb)

But it in the end I went for Grayson. (because it's my blog, my rules and MY hotties)

So here we go. Josh Hopkins, Grayson from Cougar Town.


 I'm in love

Ok, Lust.

The obligitory Gratuitous topless shot. For a hottie, there are not many of these shots around (If he was mine, all clothes would be banned)

So what do we think?

Josh Hopkins-Nom or Vom?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I'd take them both please- Paddy AND Josh, Nom to the Uber Nom :)

  2. I love Josh Hopkins, even though never seen Cougar Town (will watch now though)! Great choice. I only remember him from brief appearances in Law & Order Special Victims and Without a Trace so excited he has a continuing role in a TV series (L&O killed him off, what a waste!). Nom.

  3. I'd rather have paddy ;)


  4. Vom for me, He looks like he's had his head in a wasps nest

  5. Not feeling it - at all! Vom, seriously.


  6. Nom to Josh!!!
    In fact nom nom nom delicious me thinks

  7. Am currently re-watching Series 5 of Ally McBeal and in that I'd say he's more sexy than good looking. Vom'd probably be too harsh for the looks, but sex appeal helps make him more of a nom. (Haven't seen L&O or Cougar Town.) x

  8. I don't know who either of those actors are - I just wanna talk about the dude from Gypo Weddings and the fact he resembles a woodland creature...

  9. great big fat NOM for Josh Hopkins!


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