Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Question of the day.

Being a mine of totally useless information, (There are 206 bones in the human body) I was quite amused to hear that on average in the UK alone there are 275 Ford Focus sold every day.

Firstly, who knew that there were that many people that lacked imagination!!!! Secondly 275? A day? And they say that we are in a recession.

If you drive a Ford Focus then you may want to log off now.

Are you gone?

Ok, let me rephrase it, If you LOVE driving your Ford Focus, Log off now.

If you drive one but it is just a means of transportation to you, you can stay.

(Gives it a minute)

Seriously a Ford Focus is probably the most boring car around.

When I think Ford Focus, I think safe, boring, possibly grey and completely average.

I wouldn't want to be a Ford Focus, Would you?

I want to be a sporty little number,

A Shelby GT perhaps. curves in all the right places, rare, and downright GORGEOUS.

Look at it. If there was ever a car I wanted to be, this is it.

So this is my question of the day to you?

If you were a car, What car would you be?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Haha as a Ford Focus driver I will defend my Focus :D

    Mine is a bit more sporty than a normal model though... bigger spoiler, alloys, clear lights, gorgeous bright blue colour etc. I <3 it!

    But to be fair the main reason I got one was because my driving instructor had a focus so thats what I learned to drive in, so bought a 2nd hand one after I passed :)

    Saving for a more excitting car mind you!!! And If i was a car I would be a Merc :) xx

  2. Ahh if I were a car I'd be a Mini! More specifically, one with polka dots (they exist, my mum saw one the other day and sent me a photo). However, when I pass my test I will be getting my gran's old Nissan Micra, tenderly named 'the Yellow Peril', so that ought to be fun...


  3. If i we're to be a car it would have to be an Astin Martin DB9 convertible... power, beauty and soul. It WILL be mine one day when my lottery numbers come up.

  4. If I were a car I'd be one of those sporty little Audi numbers. Oh who am I kidding... I'd be a Boris Bike.

  5. Guess what we are going to buy this weekend... A Ford Focus Estate! In defense, tho, we are trading in our Merc as we need something a bit more practical (First baby due in April).
    If I were a car, I'd be my dream car - a Karmann Ghia. Cutesy, chic, and improbably retro-looking.
    I'm not insulted by you saying the FF is a boring car, by the way. That's kind of the reason we're buying it.

  6. If I were a car I'd be a VW Beetle - curvy and a little bit quirky!

  7. I am lucky enough to drive the automobile embodiment of myself. This is Pinky, my pink Smart Forfour...


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