Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sureslim Uk Diet-Week? God knows.

I really have forgotten what week it is again, this is probably due to this week being absolutely crap.

I have put on 2lb.

Now in the grand sceme of things If i put that in percentage form it isn't really a lot. But for me it feels like two stone. All afternoon all i have seen is the word two, it is haunting me.

I know why I have put on 2lb, It is because I have "big bones" oh hang on, that's my old excuse. I have put on 2lb because I have eaten too much and not moved a lot.

It feels like I have visited an evil fairground this week. I have taken a trip on an emotional rollercoaster and then followed it up with a ride on the diet roundabout, The diet roundabout is not a fun ride, you eat something you shouldn't, then a couple of hours later you feel tired and sleepy so you reach for another biscuit which perks you up and makes you feel better before starting the whole fun ride over again a couple of hours after that.

My whole mood this week has been completely off, but who knows what came first, the mood or the over-eating. and to be honest. It really doesn't matter.

If I dwell on last week then you will probably find me face down in a pile of Caramel Shortbread in an hour or so. I have to accept I did badly and then MOVE ON.

The guilt express is just another ride in the diet fairground that I don't have the stomach for.

I seem to be signing myself up for a 5k Race for Life in May which I am determine to run.

No more emotional eating for me this week. I want to be able to post fantastic results next week so that you guys are proud of me.

I'm going to need your support this week x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I'm signing up for the race for life too :) and determined to run it, the best friend isn't too impressed with the running bit though!
    You'll lose that 2lb in no time at all. Keep your chin up, it's tough but you'll be so happy when you reach your goal
    Take care
    Belle xxx

  2. Chin up Big Fashionista! Your blog is humorous, full of interesting content and well up to date. You also manage to be a fab mom, we could do well with a little more of you...

  3. Hey lovely,
    Please, please don't beat yourself up about this. Look at the last 18 (ish?) weeks and what you've achieved / how much you've lost. It's amazing! You really have done brilliantly and should be proud of that and focus on the fact that you have done it and can do it. It's a crap fact that we women are often emotional eaters, and so the fact you've had 'one of those weeks' is not something to feel bad about. It's just that shit happens. As you said, you just need to move on and sometimes motivation is hard to find, but hopefully you will and have lots of lovely people here and at home to support you. I know it's only recently you've started getting into exercise, but to sign up for Race For Life so soon is brilliant. It's something to aim for and hopefully you'll enjoy it and the training. Life (and weight frustratingly) is full of ups and downs so this is just a tiny blip.
    Sending love and luck and stuff.

  4. Awwww you've always got all the support!! Do you remember after Christmas you had geared yourself up to have put on a lot and then guess what you hadn't!! Maybe this time you had a little feeling that you had put on but hoped it would be ok. But the thing is, it IS ok. Just a little blip. You have been doing brilliantly for weeks. Don't let this deter you. Just keep going!! x

  5. sheila (@flinny2001)1 February 2011 at 17:22

    You are doing brilliantly! 1 bad week does not take away from what u have already achieved. Its ONLY 2lbs and u know you are able to lose that again.

    And as far as posting fab results so that we are proud of you, we are already proud and staying that way!

    ((((Hugs))))) xx

  6. You'll get the 2lbs off in no time! Your weight will naturally fluctuate a little bit anyway so 2 lbs is no biggy! I've ot my first WI at Weightwatchers tonight and I'm very nervous!

    Def more movement needed next week for me! Good luck sweets xxx

  7. Well then, try this again. Locked up at work!

    So you fell of the roundabout. Up you get, back on, a few more turns and you'll be fine.
    Not only are we proud, you are too. You've done amazingly. Look at Christmas ^post^ up there above mine. You so easily have gone mad after your illness but stuck to it. January's a rotten month. One weeks blip Ta-Da it's gone.

    So now's the time to SHOP you need to get out there and get those running shoes, they'll be nice and comfty by May. I wanna say it so going to. YOU GO GIRL xxxx Suzy

  8. Keep on at it K you'll get it off in no time, do not do as I did the other day - ooh Jan well done 3lbs weight loss now why not go and have a load to eat in order to celebrate. Huh?? Also remember that muscle weighs more than fat. You are doing so well. Jan xx

  9. been thinking about that last night and just had to comment today and was just about to say the same thing as jan. please please please don't be upset if you don't lose anything next week: you're going to build muscle real quick. muscle is going to weigh a ton.

    In the long run, exercise will help you lose weight, it will increase your metabolism and you will burn fat quicker but but there might be 1 or 2 weeks where you will feel that injustice will strike again, that cos you've done everything good and you exercised on top of everything. keep at it. you're doing well x


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