Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sureslim UK Update

Have you ever made a decision that made you feel instantly lighter?

This week I did.

A couple of weeks ago I agreed to be involved in a article which followed people doing different diets and seeing how much they lost over a period of six weeks.

I was really excited about being involved and thought that it would give me the added incentive to help me lose my final stone.

And then everything changed. After about a week I was extremely upset and panicky that I had agreed to do it. My body decided to rebel and make me want to eat bad food, and it made me question everything about my diet and how well I had done so far.

I think the reason for this is that doing the Challenge meant that I wasn't losing weight for MYSELF. It was for everyone BUT me, and that isn't possible. I have been dieting now for about 19 weeks now. it has become second nature, A lifestyle change rather than a diet but after one week of the challenge I was driving myself mad with worry about every morsel I put in my mouth and that isn't something I want to put mself through.

Another big part of my worry was that the food part of things isn't as important as it once was. Food for me is just a fuel, it isn't a comfort blanket anymore or a reward, Food is what I use like a car uses petrol. I am loving exercising and quite honestly if I don't lose anymore weight but tone up and feel healthy then I still feel as though I have achieved all the goals that I set out to do with SureSlim UK.

I explained this yesterday to the magazine involved and luckily they accepted my reasons for dropping out. I didn't want to let them down but the most important thing is how I feel, and at this time in my healthy eating plan It wasn't the right thing to do.

The minute I told them i felt a weight lift off my shoulders (although it didn't translate onto my scales)
and now I can look ahead to this week without the Challenge looming over me feeling that it is taking over my life. I don't want the food aspect to be the main priority in my life anymore. Food is just something I eat. Weight is something that I will lose and now If I put on a pound one week I will lose it the next like a normal person does.

I love my diet and Sureslim UK have completely changed my life forever. I will forever be grateful to them for showing me how to change my eating habits for the better and I am keeping on with the healthy eating but It isn't going to be such a priority for me. I am continuing with the blog posts each week but moving more into the maintainence side of things. I am LOVING the exercise I have introduced into my life and I credit the lovely Muireann for inspiring me to become a fitter person.

Hmmm my apologies for rambling on today.

Shall i just get to the bit where I tell you how i've done?

I put on 2lb!!!!

and you know what? Thats ok, I am determined to get that off next week, I am not going to fall apart over 2lb. Now I am emotionally stronger and know that I do not need to challenge myself and lose weight for someone else I am ready to get back into it and show that I can keep this up.

If you are still here after this loooooooooooooong post, I thank you.

and I can't do this without you x x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I completely agree... if you lose weight, it should be for YOU - no-one else. You did the right thing & I'm happy for you :) x

    Catherine x

  2. Aww bless you. It's lovely that I've inspired you but as I keep saying, only you can do it - and you keep proving that. Massive well done to you for all your progress. And it seems like you're in a wonderful space. Your reasons for doing this, especially now with the shift into how it makes you FEEL, are fantastic. I look forward to hearing your adventures in exercise!

  3. Good for you. Completely agree. I'm proud of you hun! What you have achieved over the past 19 weeks is amazing x

  4. I think you have done incredibly well Kellie. And as you say, you don't have to beat yourself up over 2lb. Undertaking exercise is a big part of your new lifestyle. I'm in a bit of a weightloss rut at the moment. But your post has given me a kick up the arse and I'm going to attack it this week! Thank you x

  5. You do know that muscle weighs more than fat, right? When you first start working out you'll gain on the scales but your measurements will shrink. xxx

  6. I've been doing low carb for the last six weeks and I've lost 10 pounds and I feel great. But this week for some reason the carb monster has been on my back and I've really craved chocolate, cake and any other rubbish I can get my hands on. But I haven't caved in (yet). When I'm low like today your blog is even more important x

  7. wow - good job!
    i was wondering if you'd be able to email me a copy of your diet (kim_hockey16@hotmail.com)
    i need help losing the 30lbs i put on at uni!!


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