Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Time to get all squirrelly

I'm trying to find out who is doing the PR for squirrels these days.

Because lets face it, those guys are doing a hell of a job.

Look at this little fluffy creature.

Admit it, a lot of you went ahhhhhhhhhhhh. If you go for a walk in a park and you see a squirrel how many of you root around in your pocket for a nut, or something you can use to tempt the squirrel closer? Children love a "squiggle",  people have been known to go to the parks JUST to feed the squirrels (Ok, yes ME)

Now replace your cute little fluffy wuffy squiggle with one of these.

Nope, i'm not seeing much of a difference, and unless you live in my part of the country I bet you don't take the kids to the park to feed the rats either!!!!!!

Fur? Check

Little brown beady eyes? Check

Teeny tiny little cute paws? Check

Tail? Um, we have a problem.

Because thats the only difference I can see, Now if I was a rat i think I would check out some tail enhancement pretty damn quickly because the skinny little bad boys they have now seem to be a massive drawback.

Squirrels have cute fluffy tails and rats have tails like a chewed up pink shoelace. If I was a rat and I had access to a phone I'd be calling the Transform clinic ASAP to see what they could do for me.

These rats are missing a trick here.

No children stand in front of them waving peanuts at them to tempt them closer. (although I have seen a short sighted old man pointing out a squirrel that did turn out to be a massive rat to his grandchildren-Cue much sobbing-and laughing from me)

Squirrels are pests, Rats have the right to be a bit put out, Rats can be just as damn cute as a squirrel, if not cuter. (You don't see Pets At Home selling squirrels do you?)

We have all been fooled by a massive con, The squirrels are obviously a lot cleverer than we have ever imagined, they have obviously all clubbed together and hired the best.

Because all squirrels are, and all they have ever been are rats with good PR.

And I'm not fooled, how about you?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I guess the other difference is that the 'grey intruders'(Only the red ones should be aloud the name squirrel) won't actually come and take up residence under your floor boards. They will however come up to your back door and rip your bin bags open. Beware like Tesco they have world domination on their agenda!

  2. Rats tails are just wrong.

    A few weeks ago I saw a wheelie bin that seemed to be rattling and thought "what on earth" so approached nervously when all of a sudden the lid flung open and a squirrel jumped in my face and I screamed really loudly, much to the hilarity of my boyfriend. The same sort of thing happened to me with a huge biffa bin as well, I chucked my binbag in and a squirrel jumped out.

    Las week my friend was in an outdoor hottub when she was joined by a squirrel that had fallen in and was flailing around wildly.

    Not a fan!

  3. OMG, this made me lol! I live on a farm and the amount of rats (thanks to horse & animal feed) is unreal. They have tails like a bit of rope & it makes me feel ill every time I see one. I also remember going to my in-laws & seeing their cat chased round the garden by a huge rat!! :) I'm sorry to say that I love squirrels - I once saw a mummy squirrel with her 2 babies and it was the cutest thing (no, I'm not part of their PR team!) ;) Great post! x

    Catherine x


  4. I'm terrified of squirrels. I'm also terrified of rats. I was once chased along a beach by a penguin so I'm not terrified of them as well. I can look at all the animals mentioned above in photos but put me in their natural habitat ie, a park and it's game over for me.

    Great post though. Made me laugh! xx

  5. I see loads of squirrels in the parks around here, and also unfortunately I hear rats scurrying around in the bushes which isn't nice. I agree that squirrels are just rats in fluffy cute costumes!

  6. Squirrels caused about £1000 worth of damage to my last house. The little blighters ate their way through that bit of wood that sits under the gutter, climbed into the loft and then basically moved in and made babies. I've never forgiven them.

  7. I LOVE squirrels. Am OBSESSED with them. Keep pistachios on me at all times to give to them, in fact. I feel bad for rats. I feel like they're mostly just misunderstood. Don't get me wrong, I don't want them in my house but when I see them in the streets all scared and looking for food, I feel bad for them. They're creatures too. Just like the rest of us. I do my best to love the rats. But I do have an extra giant soft spot for squirrels. xxx

  8. This post made me giggle! For some reason if a squirrel crosses my path I cannot resist the urge to make some sort of clicking noise to grab their attention. This has resulted in me stuck in a stand off with a squirrel poised to leap on me thinking I have food for each and me frozen in fear of being attacked by a crazy squirrel! Its happened twice once in Hyde Park and once in the Golden Gate park, from now on my visits to parks are limited to the swings!

  9. Well - Hello again...

    First things first - I hope you had an utterly AWESOME Valentine’s Day!

    I have to admit that (more recently at least) I may have to hold my hands up and admit a part in this whole ‘squirrel PR’ thing.

    I understand that some people see squirrels as being akin to rats.

    I appreciate that some renegade squirrels have been known to wait in bins to terrorise passers-by in the face.

    I know that, as with any species, there are some less distinguished squirrels that may opt to squat in a property that doesn’t belong to them and treat it with utter contempt.

    I get that some people, when they look into a squirrels eyes, see the ‘evil world domination’ sparkle, or the ‘I’m gonna bust you up’ glint.

    But they’re not ALL nasty, oh no. Some are. But, as Catherine’s mentioned, many squirrels are just family-orientated, nut-gathering, hardworking little fluffies which, by your own admission, inspire ‘awwwww’ in many people (especially Rebecca).

    Then, of course, there are the really exceptional ones. And here’s the million-dollar question...:

    Have you EVER seen a squirrel playing a maraca?


    http://cot.ag/gxEUKf - Now you have.

    Meet..... Squirrel. Yes, I know. His parents weren’t the imaginative type. I tried to convince him to adopt a more distinctive name (I suggested Mike) but he said ‘Squirrel’ will help him to blend in, stay grounded and deal with fame and fortune.

    Anyway, that’s not the point. Squirrel is a very talented little guy, as you’ve just witnessed with your own eyes. I spotted him whilst out walking. He had his trusty maraca and a little sign which mentioned something about having a God-given gift. When I saw that gift, I knew he was perfect for our advert and – well – the boy did good, wouldn’t you say?

    We’ve had a lot of people say how wonderful they think he is. And I’ve got to be honest, I’ve hung out with Squirrel for a bit and he’s a pretty cool little guy. So, having read your blog post today, I thought I’d try to change your mind about squirrels – to see if you’d maybe consider giving them a second chance at your affections...

    After all, have you ever seen a rat playing a maraca? Pfft – pur-leez!


  10. Another tree rat disliker :)

  11. A friend of mine calls squirrels rats in blac tie. lol.


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