Thursday, 24 March 2011

9 stone at three years old!!!!!!!

I struggle with my weight, (Oh Lord how i struggle) but I was reading an article today online (Daily Mail Online, Don't judge me, I won't pay for the rag) and came across the article about the 3 year old weighing NINE stone!!!!!!

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Now we all know that I can possibly, sometimes, occasionally be a little bit judgemental (sssshhhh, no coughing)

But currently I am wearing my judgemental dress, to match my judgemental hat and wearing a rather fetching pair of judgemental shoes because quite frankly this is child abuse.

The mother was quoted as saying "We have to let him be as if we don't feed him he will cry non-stop,"

OH NO, well we can't have that can we? Perish the thought a child will cry to get his own way!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if little (I use the word little, loosely) Lu Hao cries long enough for a loaded gun will they hand that to him also? Because that is basically what they have done. Given the baby a loaded health issues gun and are now pointing it directly at his heart.

The article also says that Lu Hao may also be suffering from a hormone disorder. In which case they are doing their child even more harm by giving into his every whim.

If for example he has Prader Willi syndrome where he is constantly hungry, his parents are killing him with kindness by letting him have whatever he wants.

Obesity is on the rise, we know that. but you can be overweight and healthy. This three year old child is definitely not healthy and I BLAME THE PARENTS.

He is THREE. not able to make informed choices for himself instead he relies on his parents to know what is best for him and help guide him through his childhood into adulthood teaching him valuable life lessons along the way.

What lessons do you think this three year old will be learning?

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  1. Maybe there is a medical reason to this, but I'd be curious to know what kind of foods they feed him. Does he cry for healthy meals or for chocolate fingers?
    If there is a medical reason it should be investigated.
    I don't know much about the parents to make a proper comment, and then it's the daily mail. But one thing is sure - something HAS to be done about this !

  2. This story literally left me gob smacked! I'm sure we dont have all the facts but like you I think there are still many children who are clinically obese due to their so called parents! Basically they want an easy life, but they chose to have a child so they should deal with it accordingly! Shocking! xx :o)

  3. My thoughts exactly. I couldn't believe the he'll cry quote. This is nothing short of child abuse, however good the intentions. if they starved him they'd get arrested, but this is just as dangerous.

  4. Good lord, all children cry to get what they want. This little boy should be removed from that home and given to people who will actually put his well being first, because his parents obviously don't give a flying shite about him. This makes me absolutely furious! You're very right about being able to be overweight but healthy, I've always struggled with my weight but for the most part I am healthy. This boy is not. Ugh, someone needs to do something.

  5. child abuse: no other way to call it.
    and a pair of abominable parents
    pff :/ x

  6. OMFG that is repulsive, his parents need shooting. I weigh less than that and I'm 17 :|


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