Thursday, 17 March 2011

Adele needs someone like me.

We have all heard "that song" by Adele haven't we? Someone Like You

People out there have cried along with it and nodded and agreed with every beautifully sung word.

And anyone who watched her sing live at The Brit Awards, I defy you to say you didn't have at the very least, a lump in your throat as you watched her finish with tears streaming down her face. (If you didn't you have a heart of STONE. Stone I tell you)

She said afterwards she cried because she imagined her ex was sitting at home laughing at her, thinking he still had her wrapped around his little finger.

Anyone else want to give Adele a hug right about now?

Well STOP.

Because what Adele needs a hell of a lot more than a hug is a set of friends who can tell it to her how it is.

Firstly, who the hell dates a man called Slinky Sunbeam?

Girlfriend, stop a while and think about that!!!!  It's a stupid name, I don't care if you are a DJ or not, Slinky Sunbeam? I can't take any man seriously called Slinky Sunbeam.

Secondly, this relationship that has inspired her album 21, finished over THREE years ago, and lasted only THREE months!!!!!!!!!!


I have had shampoo last longer than that!!!!

I feel a bit cheated. If she was one of my fri
ends she would have been dragged to a nightclub after a suitable period of mourning (1 month, MAX) told to get completely drunk and eye up sexy men all night (nothing more than eye them up mind you, no woman gets left behind on a night out with me)

There would be night of chocolate and wine and the chat that goes "all men are bastards" "he didn't deserve you anyway" and my personal favourite "you are better off without him"

None of this molly coddelling that has obviously gone on so far in the world of Adele.

She talks recently about writing letters to him that she never sent. If it was my friend who had been dumped for a "stick-thin model" I would have encouraged her to send them attached to a brick via his front window.

(I've bailed out a lot of friends)

What kind of example is Adele setting anyway? Soppy love songs to an ex from a relationship three years ago?

Pah, Adele build yourself a bridge and get your fine arse over it.

I can't promise you will get another record breaking album out of it but you will feel a hell of a lot better for it.

and for gods sake don't listen to your own album to help get over him because frankly that shit will depress you.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Omg!! Haaaa you crack me up!!!

  2. Oh dear, I have no time for mopers...the best way to get over a man is under another (ahem.)

  3. Wise words! Love adeles album but seriously slinky sunbeam! eek what a name xx :o)

  4. Ooohh that made me smile. The name is absurd.
    However, even though it was three years ago, I'm kinda relating to everything she says through her songs, I'm going through a breakup, boo hoo and all, that's why the song gets to me. But i know where you're coming from LOL xx

  5. I love the sentiment and am killed by the way you expressed it - EVERYONE needs someone like you. That is the funniest thing I have read in a seriously long time! bloody brilliant! Having an utterly shite day and really needed the laugh you just gave me. Your work here is done! x

  6. This made me laugh - and too right!

  7. Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa.

  8. Cracking up at Mrs Hiron's reaction :-D

    This bit got me the most:

    "and for gods sake don't listen to your own album to help get over him because frankly that shit will depress you."

    Pahhaahhahahahahahaahahah :-D So funny!

  9. Awww, I suspect I'm a little Adele-esque. I think it's romantic that someone that was in her life for such a short time had such a profound effect on it. I can also completely relate to the debilitating insecurity that lead to those tears at the end of her performance. I wish I could write something so beautiful for the boys that have touched my life over the years. But then again, I had a high school crush on Byron so I'm clearly not the voice of reason here. x

  10. brilliant!! absolutely fantastic post!! :D love it x

  11. That song is a bit stalky.

    Obviously I'm going back years, but as far as I remember three months wasn't long enough for me to get particularly attached in the first place ;) >Heartless Wench.

  12. Great post - everytime I hear it I think why the hell would you want someone LIKE your ex. Surely they're an ex for a bloody reason - or maybe that's just cos I'd like the total opposite from my ex? :D

  13. I like her work but tbh knowing that they are written with her ex in mind makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.... and a bit cringy.

  14. This is brilliant - I just wrote a post in complete contrast to yours but this made me LOL! So true and funny, i had no idea he was called Slinky Sunbeam! haha. Thanks Big Fashionista x


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