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Bravissimo Review

When I was invited to visit the Bravissimo flagship store in Oxford Street I have to admit that if I had been wearing a proper fitting bra I would've jumped for joy (Seriously, if I would have jumped around-2 black eyes)

Bravissimo are out there doing it for the big gals. and trust me I'm a big girl.

Here is the Bravissimo philosophy.

Bravissimo is a company that provides a wide choice of lingerie and swimwear in D-KK cup, as well as clothing designed especially for big boobed women so that they can celebrate their curves and feel good about themselves!

Sarah Tremellen set up Bravissimo in 1995 following her own frustrating experiences trying to find pretty bras that fit her. Sarah had been appalled by the lack of choice in her size and was fed up of being offered enormous matronly contraptions more suitable for landing parachutes and being told she could not possibly expect to find gorgeous bras in her size. Adamant that big boobed women like herself deserved a better deal when buying lingerie, Sarah started Bravissimo as a mail order company from her living room.

Today, Bravissimo customers are able to ask themselves 'which bra do I like' rather than 'what comes in my size'. Over half a million women have contacted us since we began, turning the sitting-room business into a multi-million pound award-winning company, retailing by mail order, our website and through our 21 high street stores.

At Bravissimo, we are dedicated to pushing the lingerie industry to produce more styles for Bravissimo girls. Many manufacturers now look to us for advice when they are developing styles in bigger cup sizes and our customers have been instrumental in helping change the face of the big bra industry.

I decided it would be an interesting experiment to take Mr Fashionista with me, to see what he thought of the experience from a male viewpoint. (it was a hard sell. Mr Fashionista HATES public transport, he views the London Underground as "Devil carriages")

The store which is just off of Regent Street is an oasis of calm in the busy tourist area and the shop contains more bras in different styles than I have ever owned in my life.

Just a small selection of the beautiful lingerie available.

The fitting area is downstairs and has a comfortable waiting area (sit Mr Fashionista) and superbly trained staff. Jane my fitter was extremely knowledgeble about the range and the Bravissimo brand in general. Bravissimo staff don't use tape measures to measure you, instead they measure by eye. looking at what bra you are wearing and seeing how big or tight it is.

Jane explained that most women wear bras too small in the cup and too large in the back.

I went from wearing a 38DD to trying on some extremely comfortable 34GGs so I am a complete convert to the Bravissimo way.

The changing rooms were spacious and surprisingly warm (lucky or I could've poked someones eye out) there was also a robe provided in case you were a little on the shy side.

Another thing that impressed me was that I was positively encouraged to put my top on over the bra I was trying on-a very rare occurence indeed. I never once felt rushed or that I was putting anyone to any trouble if I wanted to try on a different style.

The area outside the changing rooms, according to Mr Fashionista was comfortable and welcoming. There were even copies of GQ on the table. He could've sat there all day.

ooooooh comfy chairs.

inspiring posters are everywhere

I love this one.

As the set I had chosen was wrapped and bagged we had a chance to have a proper look around the store. Mr Fashionista said that he felt comfortable in the store and wouldn't have a problem going in there alone and picking me something out (34GG Mr Fashionista, 34GG)

Even the wrapping was gorgeous.

so pretty. It was like christmas unwrapping these.

I loved visiting Bravissimo. the whole thing was like a lingerie treat and learning experience rolled into one. While I was there I signed up to receive the catalogue and I know that when it drops on my mat I will be circling what I want and making another visit to the store.

If you haven't been to a Bravissimo store before then I genuinely believe you should make a visit. Get yourself measured, browse their beautiful range and pick yourself up something pretty.

I know I'm going to be a regular customer.

and Mr Fashionista?

Well someone has to look after my bag.


Have you ever been to a Bravissimo store? or ordered from them online?

Let me know what you think.

Big Fashionista x


  1. I'm so glad you went!!! I was wearing a 34C and suspected I needed to be a 38D according to old measurement systems. Turns out I was a 30G last time I went to Bravissimo. Knowing how the fit should be I can already tell that due to some weight loss I need a re-measure soon as the backs just aren't as firm as they should be! So great to know what should be going on in that department now! xxx

  2. Firstly - how gorgeous do you look in that coat!

    Secondly - Bravissimo sounds just wonderful but me and my B-cups will just have to toddle off elsewhere!

  3. Grief it was exciting when Bravissimo first launched!! Before that John Lewis and Rigby & Peller were the only places I had o hope of getting a good fitting. And in actual fact I once had 3 fitters in the changing room with me at JL because they knew they didn't have anything that quite fitted enough to give the green light alone. How things have changed!
    Further back my mum had to by larger back size bras and take a chunk out of the band in order to get a cup that fitted. When the national lottery first started opening a shop that did bigger better pretttier bras was my million pound dream. So all I can say is Hurrah for Bravissimo!

  4. Bravissimo is one of those places I always think I need to go to but I've never went yet - I might take a trip there at the weekend as I'm getting my nails done just round the corner from where Bravissimo is :-)

  5. My teenage daughter burst into tears the first time she was measured in Rigby and Peller as a 32GG and they brought her the only bra they had in her size - it reached from her collarbone to her waist! So thank goodness for Bravissimo, they have blazed a trail where others are just starting to follow.

    And you do look gorgeous in your coat!

  6. Firstly, another vote for the coat!

    On more than one occasion I have gently approached the subject of good fitting underwear with some of our in-store customers. I always feel awful when someone tried on something they really like, but it doesn't look right, and so often it could all be fixed with a well-fitted bra and a pair of stomach squasher knickers (I'm personally a massive fan of those... good ol' M&S) and they'd feel so much better about themselves. There is nothing worse than the body image-related depression that can descend over you in a fitting room. Thing is, Wellingborough doesn't really have anywhere to buy underwear, so there's nowhere good to refer them to. I'm now going to harass Bravissimo until they open a store here (because I'm sure this sprawling metropolis will be very high on their list... *ahem*).

  7. Oooh, interesting! The last place I went for a fitting was Debenhams I think and it was rubbish, she used a tape measure and fitted me into a bra where I had the dreaded 4-boob effect... My boobs have done some kind of magical growing thing recently and now my 36E bras are on the small side.. which is rubbish. Will definitely track down nearest Bravissimo!

  8. There's no question Bravissimo is fab, I've been to the Nottingham one with a friend. But I do have one problem, I'm a C cup. I still have a pain in the arse time trying to find a bra that a) I like, b) fits properly and most importantly c) is comfortable!

    I am pretty sensitive to itchy labels or scratchy seams and sooo many times I've spent good money on a bra, been fitted properly etc only to have to abandon wearing it a few days later because I'm clawing at my itchy skin. Does anywhere specialise in *comfortable* as well as fitted bras?

    And in the meantime, can Bravissimo they please make bras from AA - KK?? :)

    PS: Where is the coat from?!

  9. Thanks for all your comments ladies, firstly can I just say no Mr Fashionistas were harmed in the making of this review.
    Secondly the coat is from Primark. And I love it like a fourth child.

    And all you ladies who haven't yet visited a Bravissimo should definitely cheek it out. The fitters have skills, immense patience and knowledge like Yoda. "big bra, you shall have"

    Thanks for all the comments so far. X x

  10. I'm so useless i always read your posts but never comment! Bravissimo looks like such a nice place to shop and since my op it's only now that I understand why women spend lots of money on lingerie - I never could before! But i still don't think my bazzokas are big enough to buy anything from Bravissimo :(

    The last picture of Mr.F is TOO FUNNY. Reminds me of when my ex and I went shopping in Bristol and I snapped a pic of him sat on his own in Topshop just looking like he wanted to kill someone/himself


  11. Sheila (@flinny2001)4 March 2011 at 12:21

    I hope Betwixt beauty reads this, La Senza used to do a range of seam free label free bras, sooooo comfortable u could almost sleep in them! I have 2 and I've almost worn them out!

    As for bravissimo, I need to have a boob job to be able to shop there :( and they look so pretty :(

  12. I shop at Bravissimo as being a 40HH doesn't leave you many options. At least I don't always have to have a black, nude or white bra which I would never wear anyway.

    Annabella x

  13. I love wonderbra bras . I have the white and black one. They are super comfortable. Sometime I forget I'm wearing it. Although I am on the smaller side so it does work wonders for us smaller ladies.


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