Tuesday, 29 March 2011


They say confession is good for the soul (and the blog stats) So I have decided to create a safe haven for you all here and what I want you to do is unburden your poor heavy (sometimes dark) soul.

Throws some scatter cushions around, pours wine and opens a packet of biscuits. Do I know how to create a pleasant atmosphere or what? *

If it helps, I'll start.

My name is Kellie and last year I got out some pork chops to defrost and left them on the worktop. A couple of hours later I went into the kitchen to find one of my cats delicately nibbling on one of the raw chops.

I gave that one to Mr Fashionista.

Lets not tell him though.

Anyone else feel like unburdening? There will be no judging here. 

I've started you off so feel free to grab a scatter cushion, a biscuit and sharing your confessions.

Big Fashionista x x

* would a naked picture of Paul Rudd also help the atmosphere?


  1. Hahahahaha Acutally laughed out loud when I read this, my mum did excatly the same thing, but it was my dog that had got hold of it haha! I dont think I've ever done anything like this though, I usually get caught! Love your blog its a great read xx :o)

  2. I once ate chips out of the bin when I was very drunk. In my defence, they were the remnants of the ones I had for tea before going out, and they were wrapped up. And they were nice.

  3. That is hilarious, I'm my own worst enemy, I would end up telling him what I'd done! There is photographic evidence of me on a drunk night out, that could rival any of the binge drinking campaigns in the U.K.


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