Monday, 28 March 2011

A Fashion line too far?

So it has been announced this afternoon that Sylvester Stallone will be launching a men's fashion line which is inspired by two of his most famous films. Rocky and Rambo.

(My first thought was that it was going to feature a LOT of camouflage)

But who else SHOULD be creating a fashion line based upon their films?

Personally I think Robert Englund should be bringing out a Freddie range, (The false nails would be "to die for")

And if Bruce Willis wants to bring out a range of white t-shirts (complete with rips, gunpowder burns and blood) A'la Die Hard then who am I to try and stop him.

Can you think of anyone you would want to see pushing a fashion line which dwells on their past glory?

Although a quick note to Paul Rudd, If you feel like bringing out a range of bedding using THIS picture,

I'd buy it. (Or even if you just want to sell me THAT sheet.)

Big Fashionista x x

There is a distinct possibility that I wrote this whole blog post JUST so I could use the picture of Paul Rudd again.


  1. Paul. Rudd. Lord. Have. Mercy.

  2. Please find ways to incorporate that Rudd picture into all posts in the future. Thanks! R xxx

  3. Any excuse to use that pic of Paul Rudd again... *sigh*
    As for Mr Stallone? Me thinks he is hard up for cash.

  4. FOCUS ladies!!!! There was a question other than is Paul Rudd hot as hell :)


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