Saturday, 26 March 2011

Formula 1 Returns

I love Formula 1, I have fantastic memories of sitting as a child in front of the TV watching with my family, We had Ayrton Senna versus Alain Prost as our storyline each week and the thrills and spills each Sunday never failed to keep me entertained.

But over the last couple of years I have become disillusioned with F1, The safety improvements, the new cars and the lack of personalities have meant that there hasn't been that spark for me.

But then I saw this video this morning and I think finally there is a spark of healthy competition returning to the sport.

I have to admit, it did make me laugh.
Anyone else tuning into the F1 this weekend?
What do you think of the changes in the sport that have occurred over the years?
Let me know.
Big Fashionista x x


  1. I have had a formula one overdose, so I don't watch it anymore. My dad used to watch the trials, the races, then the comments after the race, the news (Because they'd talk about the race) and all that, so every F1 weekend we'd eat, breathe and hear F1. And my dad would just fall asleep in front of the telly when the race is on (but would wake up as soon as we grab the remote control)... Because he was up at no time the night before because it was actually a night-time race (good old time zones).
    But I agree, while I didn't particularly enjoy it, it was still racing. Now it's just people driving round a track, the real race is in the pit stops (who goes the fastest) because it seems the only way people can actually go past each other. It used to be as much about the car as it was the driver, but now, the cars seem all the same, and drivers can't get past each other anymore, so it's a question of who's going to stay the longest on the track, whoever is first in the start of the race will stay first until the end.
    Plus we French don't have Jean Alesi anymore :( I used to watch the race to see how long he would last before ending up in the sand (common French joke)...
    F1?? No thanks...

  2. such a massive fan of your blog
    def following

  3. My eyes lit up when I saw the title of this post, even though I am sleep deprived having watched qualifying and practice! Love F1, really looking forward to the new season. I don't think there has been a better time to watch with at least 6 guys capable of winning the championship. If that is what the new rules bring us, then I can't complain! Also really loved the Mercedes video, would really like to see MSC do well this year, seems wrong when he isn't up front x


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