Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Home-made V Ready-made

Does anyone else not want to see a pancake for another 365 days now?

A quick question for you, If you had pancakes yesterday, who out there bought either ready made pancakes or pancake batter you just needed to add water to?

You at the back, I can see you blushing already.

All across facebook, Twitter and all other social media outlets, people were asking how to make pancakes?!?!?!?


We don't know how to make pancakes anymore?

And for every time a person asked that question at least one reply was, buy the ready made stuff you just add water to.

This saddens me.

Have we become so lazy as a nation that we cannot stir together some flour, eggs, milk and a pinch of salt to make some pancakes, or is it that we are so busy in our lives we want instant results? Perhaps these products have been created in response to our need for time saving.

Who makes their Yorkshire puddings? Or do we all get our favourite Aunt (Bessie, that is) to make them for us.

Everything is instant these days. We don't even have to go to the shops to buy our music anymore, we download. (as we sip our instant coffee wearing our online bought clothes that have been delivered to our door)

If humans truly do evolve over time, I wonder what eventually we will lose as we don't use it anymore.

Our legs?

But is this where the recession is actually going to help us?

More people are mending clothes than ever before, (I draw the line at darning socks though, sorry Nan) People are making gifts for birthdays or taking the time to purchase a gift that is thoughtful.

And people are making their food last longer. Stew is apparently making a comeback in a big way (It never went away in my house)

Perhaps "home-made" rather than "pre-prepared" or "just add water" will become the in thing again, children learning recipes from their parents or grandparents, baking fairy cakes on a Saturday (and I don't mean from a box)

I am just as guilty, I don't even know how to cook a roast dinner.

But I am going to learn, from scratch.

Because I hate to think that the art of roast dinners will slowly die out along with other things we used to do with our parents as children because we don't have time to do them.

And you can't toss a "ready-made pancake" can you?

What do you think?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Our pancakes were homemade - but I'm definitely a home baking girl, so there was never any question of a 'cheat'!

    I think you're right about it being a lovely, wonderful thing for families to pass down recipes and bake together. My mum taught me the basics of cake baking when I was small, and it was the same stuff she learned as a little girl. They are the same lessons I'll teach my children.

    I look forward to reading about your roast dinner cooking! I get a lot of my recipes from here:

    Recommended very much :-)

  2. We used a packet mix for speed I must confess - still got to do all the flipping though :) Usually I'm all for home-baking - I make a mean brownie!
    Charlotte, Simply Be

  3. I'm a from scratch kind of girl. I like to know exactly what's in stuff when I cook. I have my nan's old Good Housekeeping cookbook and use it loads for recipes. Get yourself one good basic cookbook like that and you'll be fine! Roasts are so much easier than people think, just don't ever ever tell them that!!

  4. We didn't have any! First year ever - son was going to rugby practice and didn't want to be weighed down by my creations LOL But they would have been homemade.

    The mention of the roast dinner reminded me, as I was walking the dog on Sunday morning I caught a whiff of a roast cooking - when I was child this wouldn't have been unusual, it made me realise how this tradition has disappeared from our lives - and stew has never gone away in this house either!

  5. I am guilty of the packet pancake. Pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and you're good to go...
    I have never cooked a roast dinner (must to my mothers disgust) so I too will learn. Bring.It.On

  6. seriously, pancakes are THE simplest thing.
    i dont understand premix stuff, whats the point?! milk flour and an egg!
    my OH's mam doesnt make them, resulting in the OH never having made a pancake until we went out which I see as very sad.

    I love pancakes and make them for fun throughout the year! as they are SO EASY!
    10 floz of milk (half pint)
    4 oz of flour
    1 egg

  7. You are so right Kellie. I've often told friends the same thing about our "Instant Coffee Culture". We demand everything on the spot w/out the benefit of lovingly making it ourselves. Technology is wonderful but I really wonder if we will all end up the way of the humans in the movie Wall-E. Seriously, it's a real possibility and I don't like it. Thank heavens I was not brought up with the Internet (I'm 37) and such. I like it but am not addicted to it. I haven't eaten pancakes since I was a child. I do fancy them I just haven't gotten around to making any lately. Don't really know what Yorkshire Pudding is but it sounds good. I would love to try some as I love English culture and am trying to acquaint myself with it as much as possible. Have a wonderful day Kellie. <3

  8. I consider myself lucky that my traditional stay-at-home mum was able to pass on some of her tried and tested recipies to me before I left home... so despite hardly being a Nigella, I can cook a mean roast chicken dinner AND boil the carcass off to make stock for chicken soup the next day - talk about making money stretch further! I think with the recession hitting everyone, a lot of people are returning to the traditional mend-and-make-do style of housekeeping - I have always been a bit frugal tho, so it's nothing new to me.
    PS make my own yorkshire puds too, and my own pancakes. Really, I'm not clever - if I can do it, anyone can!!!

  9. Home made, wins every time. I cannot understand why anybody would want the shop bought stuff. I tried a shop bought shakey pancake thing once at a friends and it was awful!

  10. Like the blog, you are correct - we are in danger of losing a lot of folk wisdom these days.
    Pancake mix was always as crazy to me as pre-made quiche filling. If you can't crack eggs, chop meat and shred cheese, where does it stop?

  11. I am a start of with a heap of raw stuff and turn it into something fab type of cook. I take short cuts with some things - I buy stock, although when I cooked my christmas ham I did keep the stock that it simmered in for 2hrs before I glazed it and baked in the oven. Smug, me?! My mum taught me to cook and I have taught both my kids and I totally agree that it would be a real shame to lose the ability to cook from scratch. The internet is such a fantastic resource if you dont know how to do something practical you can always find an online demo - I googled "hemming trousers" and am now a demon with a needle & thread (got Grade C GCSE needlework but applique isn't a life skill I have made much use of tbh!)

  12. Why would anyone buy any sort of ready mixed food? You don't know what is in it - the eggs could be from battery chickens, there could be GMOs, anything. I try to use organic as much as possible and the best quality ingredients I can afford and I love baking. Home-made tastes better and it is better for you, it fills your home with wonderful aromas and your friends and family are impressed. What more could you want?


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