Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lovelys Vintage Emporium

Ok, I put my hands up. I was wrong.

I blogged before that I never really saw the appeal of vintage clothing and the lovely Lynnette Bateman swore that she would change my mind with her brand new Vintage Emporium that opened Tuesday.


Gah she was right!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm now a vintage lover, a lover of all things vintage (including Dick Van Dyke my secret older man crush) a vintage wannabe. I admit it, I want to be a vintage vixen (oooooh foxy)

Whether you are a vintage vixen or even a vintage virgin Lovelys Vintage Emporium  have an item of clothing that you would possibly sell your grandmother for (After rummaging through her wardrobe first obviously)

 1960s Vintage Jaeger dress and coat set £149.99

1970's Haute Couture Cashmere Green Butterfly band hat £75  ( I WANT THIS HAT)

1970s Chanel handbag £485

These are just the three of the items that have got my bank manager nervous!!

This could've been the biggest blog post I've ever written but instead what I recommend is that you go and look for yourselves.

I know you will thank me for it.

Even if your bank account doesn't.

What do you think of Lovelys Vintage Emporium?

Have you purchased yet or got your eye on something special?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Oh Jesus, vintage Chanel!

    I like the idea of vintage and I see a lot of girls who get some really nice stuff but it just doesn't fit in with my style or my body shape when I've tried stuff. If you ever come to Manchester, the Northern Quarter has some ace vintage shops.

  2. OMG this website is amazing, vintage herve leger! I officially have a new website to shop on! Wow thanks for letting us know about this treasure trove xx :o)



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