Sunday, 13 March 2011

Models Own do it again

I love Models Own, Whether it is a good dupe or a stand-out-from-the-crowd original colour that you want, then chances are Models Own are the place you will find it.

Well now they have done it again. Everyone remembers how I raved on (and on and on) about Barry M Nail Effects last year and the main question on everyones lips was "Will you be releasing this in any other colours" (I even posted this on their facebook page myself)

Well sorry Barry M, while you were faffing around, other companies managed to get miles ahead and now Models Own in conjunction with Wah nails have now created a range of colours so amazing that I know exactly what I will be doing all summer
(painting my nails in case you were wondering)

Want to take a look?

Called Smash Up, these are going to be released at the beginning of April, Selected colours will be available in Boots with the rest available online at

Obviously I want all of them, but for me the Orange and the Turquoise oh and the Yellow hold the most interest for me, bright colours perfect for the summer months ahead (I can dream can't I?)

Will you be going for any of these colours?

What's your favourite colour in the range?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Gorgeous! U know what? I have never looked into trying any of Modelsown products! Must rectify soon! Thanks for the heads up! xx

  2. I'm drawn to the orange - this would look fab on summer toes (yes, I'm dreaming too) with some embellished gladiators. Yum yum yum.

  3. I love the MO polishes anyway, they are my absolute favourite... Given that my maternity leave nicely co-incides with the launch of this, I shall be blobbing about the house trying them all!! Can't wait!!!

  4. OMG IM GETTING THEM ALL!!! Orange and Turquoise are defo my faves too I cant wait!!


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