Monday, 7 March 2011

Nailease Review

If my nail varnishing skills were marked out of ten, basically I would owe the examiner a couple of marks. It is not that my skills are bad, I don't have ANY skills at all.

I am useless, Nay less than useless. Even if I do manage to apply it perfectly, I always manage to smudge it or mark it almost straight away. (Anyone else nodding and agreeing here?)

So when I was told that Nailease were launching a range of nail varnish strips in Boots and online, I wanted to play.

I purchased a packet of Nailease from Boots (with my own money may I add) for £5.99. I have to admit I was disappointed with the range on offer in Boots. The website has a huge range which currently are free delivery when you purchase 3 or more packs.

Application took place on Friday night. (How Rock N Roll am I?)

Black with white spots? cute huh?

These are the instructions on the packet.

1.Select the size that fits your nail and pull away gently from the full strip

2.Gently remove clear film from top of nail sticker then gently remove clear from bottom of nail sticker holding the silver strip

3.Hold nail sticker by the silver strip and place the rounded side at nail base sticky side down. Note: you can gently pull off and reposition without damaging the strip

4.Firmly smooth the nail surface until wrinkle free. Note: you can gently stretch vertically and horizontally for a wrinkle free surface

5.Fold the excess of the nail strip under the nail. Then gently file off the excess in a downward motion
So easy even an untrained monkey can do it right?
How many times have instructions seemed easy and then halfway through you realise you are missing something important, (an extra pair of hands maybe)
Let me get this out there.
How simple?
I'll get to that bit later.
But it is. I followed the instructions and less than ten minutes later I had glossy black nails with white spots.

I am hooked, So simple and according to the website they can last up to ten days.

I applied these Friday night and over the weekend I cleaned the house, bathed the children, typed, went shopping, (God the excitement of my life, how do I cope?)  and they are STILL looking almost perfect so far as of Sunday evening. (I have minimal tipwear on one nail which is unnoticeable to anyone but me)
I think I definitely have another couple of perfect days out of these before they start to look a bit ragged but with 20 in the pack if one or two gets damaged I will be able to replace it and still feel confident that they look good.
I'm going to purchase more of these for the future. Not just for special occasions but for day to day wear. So simple to apply and they look superb.
These definitely get the Big Fashionista "Seal of Approval"
So I mentioned earlier that these are simple to apply?
I have to say a thank you to the lovely Liloo who said that she wouldn't believe these were easy to apply until she saw Mr Fashionista apply them/
Over to Mr Fashionista then.

So there you go.

You cannot argue with that.

If a man can apply these then ANYONE CAN.

(I must point out that he chewed this nail off the minute I stopped taking photos)

No Mr Fashionistas were harmed in the making of this review (well, only his pride)

I recommend you give these a go, whether you are an expert in nail varnish application or not, They are different, fun and look great.

Nailease have a fantastic product.

Shall I let Mr Fashionista have the final word?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. This post is hysterical, HAHAHA!! Love Mr Fashionista helping you out - just FAB!
    Nice nails too by the way :)

  2. Mr. Fashionista is a good sport! Thanks, I'll ook for these stateside. I am totally uncoordinated with self-applications so your clarifications are reassuring:)

  3. Sheila (@flinny2001)7 March 2011 at 07:38

    These look like just what I need! My nail polish always looks shabby as my nails are rubbish all peely and flakey not matter what I do, so stickers that will cover them? Sounds like a plan to me :)

  4. Just what I needed on a monday morning :)
    Bless him!!

  5. "No Mr Fashionistas were harmed in the making of this review" --> bwahahahaha.
    This review is THE best. Day is made. hahahaha.
    Now I know I can apply them :) The photos are superb as well, step by step.
    Mr F rocks. thank you. xx

  6. I think Mr Fashionista should of done his "middle finger"!
    I'm going to try some of these for sure!

  7. Haha love it. How much did u pay him for that? ;)
    Nails look fab tho chick. Yours too! ;) lol x

  8. Hahahaha.. Loved the review and especially Mr.F at the end :) I'm always a bit wary of these nail sticker varnish thingybobs but if her can do it, I'm sure I can!


  9. Poor MrF he should take you back to B&Q maybe a trip to Halfords, and other blokey places.You are not allowed to complain and must take an extra keen interest in all things techincal he tells you.
    And what ever you promised to do for him wasn't enough!

  10. Big blog love to mr fashionista! Love the spots, I tried some by n
    Rebel Nails that involved a hair dryer. I'll be giving these ones a go. Doubt I'll get OH to try them though... How did you manage that?!!

  11. What a great post and a brave Mr F. Looks like these could be the answer to my shabby manicure prayers. Excellent!

  12. Hats off to Mr Fashionista for being game for a laugh!! I hope you took him out to look at power tools later on for being such a good boy :)

  13. Haha! Oh, this was a fantastic post. I must say, Mr. Fashionista did an excellent job :D


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