Thursday, 24 March 2011

National No Make Up Day?

Apparently today is National No Make Up Day!

(I suppose I should be grateful I don't have to send anyone a card this time, grandparents day? Pah)

Now I don't know about you but I don't want, or need a day to tell me what I can't do. (I'm slightly contrary like that) I rarely wear full make up all day, every day. But you can bet your arse I will be wearing it today.

(National No Smoking Day costs me a fortune in cigarettes)

What is the POINT of National No Make Up day anyway? Are we offending people with our made up faces? Is it a clever plan formulated by our skin to give it a day off and let it breathe?

I'm not being rude but why can't we have a day that will actually do some good?

How about a National No Murder Day? That would be popular. Or National No Pay Any Bills For This Day-Day. 

These days would be helpful, they could catch on in other countries. There is even a chance I would send cards on this special occasion. (Do Clintons sell, Glad you haven't been murdered cards?)

But a National No Make Up Day? In this day and age SURELY we have more important things we shouldn't be doing than wearing make up?

I'm not going to be observing this day unless there is a bank holiday involved.

How about you?

Will you be going bare on National No Make Up Day today, Or are you like me and digging out the trowel as we speak?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x


  1. "Glad you haven't been murdered" - you just kill me! Make up isn't an optional thing for me, its like breathing; so pass that trowel when you are done. x

  2. I didn't know such a day existed!

    I'm not averse to going make up free sometimes, but not when I'm in the office, and more particularly - not when I've got a big spot on my chin!

  3. I agree! It is one of those pointless days! Today I will be pling it on as usual regardless of what day it is.

    My skin gets it's rest at night :P


  4. Haha I've done the total opposite!

    I've not worn foundation for like a whole month for the sake of my skin and blogging, then today I've had a huge break out and trowelled it on for the first time in ages.


    Hilarious post xxx

  5. Big F you're a legend! You make me LOL so much. I didn't even know it was National No Make Up Day. Theres not a chance Im going Asda later without my slap on. I'll look like a crack head on the rob.

  6. It's National No Make up day, everyday in my world much to the chagrin of my student fashion journo daughter.

  7. Same here - every day is 'No Makeup Day' for me! Too lazy to bother tbh.

    You have some serious writing skills lady. Jealous after studying and trying to get into writing/journalism for eons.

    'How about a National No Murder Day? That would be popular.' :D

  8. Fab post and I totally agree that there are far better things we shouldn't be doing than wearing makeup but as a makeup junkie I saw today as a bit of a challenge to see if I could actually do it! (Turns out I can't, I spent the day barefaced but I can't go out tonight with no slap on!) xxx


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