Friday, 25 March 2011

Oh My God- For Your Information.

So the Oxford English Dictionary (or OED for all you acronym lovers out there) have announced that they are adding OMG, LOL and FYI to their latest edition.

Now, I am slightly worried about this.

Mainly because in my experience the main reason people use a dictionary is to find out how to spell a word!!!!!!!!!

I know that txt speak is affecting the English Language but if teens these days can't spell OMG, FYI and LOL then we have a problem.

(If you want to find out the definition of a word, ask Twitter. That's what I do)

Who these days owns a dictionary anyway?

A hardback one?

Or actually looks in a Yellow pages for a telephone number?

Soon we won't even need paper at all. Kindles replacing books, Ipads having newspapers. Paper free offices.

OMG, FYI we LOL at old fashioned paper things.

What do you think?

Should OMG, FYI and LOL be added to the Oxford English Dictionary or does it just encourage the death of the English Language?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Does this mean they are now acceptable in Scrabble?

  2. hehehe, love sweetest_potato's comment. What a weird world we live in... the truth is that whenever I see anyone over the age of 15 use sms language it makes me want to slap them, and I'm the least violent girl in the world (well, I may get a tad aggressive over a pair of shoes, or a slice of pizza). Now seriously, I don't see the need of adding these to a dictionary, we are creating acronyms for everything these days and soon we are just going to be spelling letters to ask for a cup of tea FFS! :P

  3. Lol at Sweetest Potato, I think it does!

  4. This is completely crazy, its bad enough people use these in their everyday conversations let alon putting it in the english dictionary!

  5. lol at the comment of sweetest potato.
    The language evolves, the people who speaks the language have now power over the new entries in the dictionary, and whilst it's great that it's the people speaking the language who informs the decisions on entries in dictionaries, I find the additions of lol, omg, and whilst you're at it 'wtf' totally ludicrous and unecessary. I am grateful that the dictionary recognises that these have become so popular but they didn't need to go that far. x

  6. Maybe I'm old and out of touch (no comments) but are these really words? Do people actually say them out loud? If not then they shouldn't be in the OED. Too right at sweetest potato though, could be useful to useful to use a couple of them on a triple letter square.

  7. The English language is constantly evolving and with the likes of text messages and twitter phrases need to shorted for space. However I didn't think that abbreviations were a part of the dictionary???

    Hey Rachael I'm out of touch too!

  8. Hmm I think it has it's place in society and modern language. Especially when we're limited to only 145 characters for Twitter hence the abbreviation of such phrases but I do cringe or whince whenever I hear the butchering of the beautiful English language everyday. So hopefully no, this will not be accepted into the dictionary! Interesting post as always Kellie xx


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