Tuesday, 1 March 2011

OOTD-Big Fashionista style

I see a lot of these posts, OOTD.

It took me a while but I finally worked it out

Outfit Of The Day.

(How many of you are now nodding, going ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it now)

I thought I would bring you one of my "OOTD" from last week. Now in case you didn't realise, last week was Half Term, (or Hell week as I fondly call it) Three children of different ages keep me on my toes more than you can ever imagine
(sits in a corner and rocks at the memory)

So, OOTD is from last Wednesday.

There are no pictures, hopefully you can use your imagination.

Jeans, Primark. Ok, they may be from Tuesday (Ok, Monday but they passed the sniff test-honest)

T-Shirt, Grey, it may once have been white granted. and more importantly it may once have belonged to Mr Fashionista but hey if he threw it out then it is mine isn't it?

Lets face it, it's better than a pyjamas and Uggs combination isn't it?

(That was Mondays OOTD)

So where was I?

Handbag? Carrier bag by Asda. It is vintage though, 2006 clear edition. (It's a collecters item)

Accessories. Are you fricking kidding me? It's amazing I am wearing clean underwear (I am, honest)

SO there you have it. OOTD.

Tune in to the next OOTD which will be halfway through the six weeks holiday in August.

I'm pretty sure THAT OOTD will include a cute white jacket (Which buckles up at the back)

Big Fashionista x x


  1. AAH, now I understand! Guess it is even harder with only letters when english is not my first language

  2. I always write POTD on the @unorthodoxshop Twitter feed. Just realised I'm not sure if I ever explained to anyone that it means Pick Of The Day!

  3. This made me giggle. At least you had the excuse of children - I end up in similar just because I don't need to leave the house!

  4. Hey i've just found your blog and can i just say WOW you are such a well needed breathe of fresh air! Love it!

  5. See VildesVerden you learn this on my blog ;-)

    Kat Fiction, probably not but they may do now x x

    Rachel, I will not judge you. As long as they pass the sniff test it's all good x

    KylieDee hello Hun, welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy the blogs I have coming up this week. Tomorrows is about Anonymous hate comments x

    Oooh and Friday we have Nom or Vom


  6. LOL @ your post, but don't hate on a Mummy just cos she likes to dress well now- we're all in the same boat after all ;)


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