Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The power of "Anon"

Dear BigFashionista

Your writing is crap, the words you use are crap, your arguments make no sense and you think you are so special and your not.

Plus your breath stinks



Now obviously this isn't true. (Passes out the chewing gum just in case)
But I'm just trying to prove how hiding behind the mantle of "Anon" makes some people feel so untouchable that they feel they can write just about anything that they want without fear of comeback.

Anyone who has a blog has experienced hateful anonymous comments at some point,

Some of them are extremely well thought out and written in a way that makes you wish that they had a book out. While with others you just can't quite understand how they made the jump from crayons to computer access. (some people should just stick to writing on walls with their own feces)

What drives Anonymous commenters anyway? I'm not talking about the ones that just write DIRTY BITCH at the bottom of a blog post (Yeah thanks for that mum) but the ones that make well thought out points of view but then don't have the courage to put their name to it. We don't all HAVE to agree, My blog is MY view, I love to hear other peoples opinions.

I haven't yet had my heart broken by someone disagreeing with me and giving me a different viewpoint.

The people who write anonymous hate comments? They are a whole other story, these bitter little computer whores just troll the internet looking for fresh meat to tenderise and sear before cooking them on a low heat for as long as it takes for them to crack. (Did that sound slightly food porn-y?)

They write how ugly you are, (because obviously they are a catch right?) How you don't know what you are talking about (Because life can be lived voraciously through a computer screen can't it?)  and just cuss you out at every opportunity (UN-Social media perhaps?)

The word Anonymous gives some people balls where perhaps in the real world they wouldn't have any?

Have you had trouble with Anonymous comments? Or do you think it is good idea that there is a way to give an opinion without leaving your name?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Why do you people use Anon? Because they're scared or embarrassed - simply put. If they weren't either of those, why would they use Anon? They know what they're doing is wrong and don't want to be found out. I don't think Anon should be allowed as it can cause so many problems x

  2. How can they smell your breath through the computer? Can they walk on water too? Is Anon code name for God?!

    On a serious note handled that very well. I saw some tweets of younger /new writers getting particularly upset by anon nasties.

    These people are playground bullies and like the bullies in playgrounds they are just cowards - hence they are anonymous. They can give they can give their opinion but not listen to anyone else's x

  3. I don't get it, if you disagree that is one thing. But rudeness gets you no where. Perhaps by putting someone else down, it makes them feel better about themselves? I have not experienced this (yet) on my blog but I am sure it will happen eventually...

  4. Haha I love your writing you never fail to address issues and make it funny to. Oh anon's most of mine have been nice, but there are a heap of bitchy ones out there. It's sooo sad !! Like have you got nothing better to do than write some stupidly predictable note, to make yourself feel good. I swear that in real life these are the sad cases who have no REAL friends who think that the world owes them. They should be locked in a basement to stop them from passing their stupid thoughts on to other's.
    I think there is a difference with someone not agreeing, but it's when it becomes a personal attack it just makes you go 'Fuck off'.
    If your going to say something put your name to it, (cyber name, real name) if that's what you think than at least have the balls to stand by it. In real life they don't because they know that no ones actual even listening to them. Twats haha
    Great post and how inventive is that anom comment, haha maybe they should have sent you it via a postcard written out in crayon with stickers :)

  5. Big F I LOVE YOU!

    Oh and it took me ages to figure out how to post as Anon! I just couldn't resist though :P

  6. I receive more than the occasional Anon comments. I accept that if you put yourself "out there" on the internet, that there are a lot of weirdos who aren't always going to be sweetness and light. I get that.

    What I don't get is why people feel the need to put others down. I spend HOURS every week on my blog, trying to make it as good as it can be. And some troll telling me my hands are "disgusting" or that I should delete my blog because it is a waste of the internet. Whatever. Most of my nasty Anons come from Russia, or Slovenia or Poland. I see links coming into the back page of my blog where there are entire threads on various forums dedicated to my general grossness. Strange.

    Oh and mine aren't generally Anon. They'll call themselves "A Friend" or "Helpful Hints" or "Your Nails Make Me Feel Sick". Nice, eh?

    I used to get upset about it but actuially, the more crap you get, the easier it is to just shrug it off. I suppose it means I've got reach, and for every Anon I get, I just class it as one more hit on the blog.

  7. Do you know what? Once I posted an anon comment on someone's blog so I can give a little insight into why people do it! I did it because I had something I really felt I needed to say (it wasn't especially bitchy but it was somewhat confrontational) and the person I felt I needed to say it to utterly terrified me. So in short it was cowardice, nothing more, just sheer cowardice.

    Now because its me, within less than 24 hours my conscience had got the better of me and I'd emailed the blogger confessing all and apologising (not for my comment, but for the fact I did it anonymously) and admitting it was my own problem that I found them intimidating and not theirs. At the time the blogger was obviosuly less than impressed but regardless was grateful for my honesty and assured me that it wouldn't affect anything.

    Since then though it obviously did. I had a really nice/reasonable email from them but of course the reality was that they immediately blocked me on twitter and clearly it had affected everything. (not that we were friends in the first place).

    Of course that relationship is dead (and they will never talk to me again I'm sure and I don't entirely blame them) but the bigger cost of doing it to me is that now whenever anyone ever gets an anon comment, I worry that people think it was me.

    It doesn't matter that I've demonstrated quite clearly I don't have what it takes to be an anon hater (since I had to confess), I will alway be tarred with that brush sadly.

    Live and learn eh?

  8. Whatever happened to "if you can't say anything nice..."? :)

  9. I was once told to kill myself because I deserved to die by an Anon and that was a fun comment for me to read

    I think the bottom line is people are always going to hate and people always feel the need to tell you under the Anon alias ..

    It does not make it right, it does not make it justified unfortunately for these anon haters their moral compass is on its ass I agree with you they should stick to crayons and writting on walls :D:)

    love your blog Big F :D:) x x

  10. I had a nasty little number on a recent post of mine. It was the first comment on the post and I really took it to heart. I gave a snarky reply back and the next thing I know, I've now had HEAPS of people comment and also chat to me on twitter, backing me up! Who looks the fool now?

  11. i'm with kat fiction!
    be nice!

    if i disagreed with something then i'd say so, but do so in as polite a way as poss. it's called being a grown up....

  12. Haven't had any horrible comments- just a few that say bizarre things. Don't really do any opinion stuff really on my blog- it's just all a bit silly so there's no real disgareements to be had.

  13. oh my gosh - what a rubbish comment! they should spend their time learning to spell (after all, it is spelt "you're" not "your" ;) I had one recently that just said "Duck face lol!" wtf?! I think that - as difficult as it can be - we have to laugh about these so-called comments. We're not the ones with the problem! Great post as always hun :) x

  14. Funny, I was discussing this the other day over the twat who called Seal ugly on Twitter which resulted in a rant from the singer. People who feel the need to hide behind a computer and saying nasty things to people are just plain old sad and should not be given the time of day.


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