Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Put it away.

See that yellow ball in the sky? Yep me too.

That little yellow ball in the sky has magical powers. It must have because at the first glimpse of it, people shed their clothes like snakes shedding skin.

I've seen sights this week that are burnt directly onto my retinas. If I really do have a memory bank then I want to withdraw those images ASAP, no receipt needed.

Men, lets start with you. No, do not remove your shirt to show me your beer belly. Firstly it is March, it is Spring, It isn't HOT, it is reasonably warm. How will you be topping this in August? walking around in your pants? (Don't you dare)

Secondly, Sandals? With socks? Must you? And first man I see wearing crocs this year will be slowly tortured to death to serve as a warning to others. (Sorry but I think the court will see it my way, I'll probably get an MBE)

Ladies. Taking off those tights? Good for you. How about you madam? Want to remove those fetching furry tights for Spring? Oh you HAVE. My bad.

 Warmer weather means that layers will come off but for gods sake have a little groom first. Shave, wax, epilate I don't care but if I have to see your bare legs in March for the love of Remington remove those hairs. Bear legs are so two thousand and NEVER.

Personally I don't think it is warm enough yet for sandals, But if you aren't going to listen to me and want to dig out the strappies then you may want to attend to your feet first. I sat next to a woman on the train this week who looked like she had borrowed her feet from a Sasquatch. Shudder. Pedicures are your friends ladies, remember that.

Another thing that I HATE to see when the sun comes out is sunburn. Stop it immediately. Not only is Lobster red really not in this season it is also possibly the most stupid thing you can do to yourself. SPF is a must. There is never an excuse to burn.
And if I then see you the next day with bright red sunburn and WHITE lines on show believe me when I say I will judge you. (and possibly slap you)

So put it away ladies and gentlemen, it isn't Summer yet, it is a beautiful spring day which is natures way of warning us Summer is on its way. Giving us chance to prepare our eyes for the sights we are going to see.

But not just yet please. It is MARCH!!!!!!

Big Fashionista x


  1. Totally agree it's not even that warm up north and they are topless builders and men in shorts wandering around

  2. I agree! Yesterday was gorgeous, people were wearing shorts and little skirts and tank tops (much to the dismay of my poor eyes) today it is snowing again.

  3. I work on a university campus and the student population take this to extremes. Yesterday morning it was fairly cold at 8am when I cycled to work. When cycling to a meeting later on, it had warmed up quite a bit, but I wasn't expecting a parade of flip flops and surfer shorts.

    It makes me wonder what these people wear when they're on holiday somewhere that it's properly hot!

  4. Exactly what I said on twitter this morning, people see a little bit of sun and go overboard. Ive seen legs, bellys, boobs, over the past 2 days. Fair enough Ive wore my sandles today, but with jeans. They'll be no sign of me flashing any other flesh until full blown summer hits!


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