Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Skin (lack of) care routine

I know I am going to get a slap for this but I have a confession to make.

I'm 35 and I don't have a skin care routine.


I'm the sort of person that deals with problems as they arise.

Dry skin? slap a bit of moisturiser on.

Erm, and that's about it.

I know, i'm going to end up a wrinkly old lady with skin that is grey. Hence my quest for then ultimate foundation (although if I carry on it may have to be purchased from B & Q and applied with a trowel)

I even sleep in my make up occasionally (ok, often)

So this is my question for you guys.

What is your skin care routine?

and your recommendations.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Kelly, I love you, but please, wash your face! ;)

  2. soap and a flannel is about the only routine I do have x x

  3. My big sister, ten years older than me at 34, has the most beautiful, soft, satin-y skin in the world. She is entirely responsible for my skincare routine (including buying me the lotions!), and I hope that it results in the same beautiful skin!

    In the morning, I wash my face, then I use this to moisturise (one tube lasts about three months):

    I also dot on some of this:

    It comes in a tiny little pot but a little goes a very long way.

    Then, in the evening, I take off my make up using No 7 eye make up remover and Simple cleanser and toner. I then moisturise before bed with this:

    I feel like my skin looks healthier than it ever has before, and the plan is to keep up the routine so my skin looks as good as my sister's in ten years! :-)

    Before my sister became an Arbonne consultant and suddenly the stuff became affordable, I used the Simple range pretty consistently and that did a pretty good job too!

  4. Haha I dont blame you for waiting so long! Its a lengthy and tiring task to find the right routine! If you find a bad one it can cause break outs etc. Ive only just found something that works for me xx :o)



  6. Ya know - I hear face wipes are pretty much the only thing you need.

    *ducks from Mrs. Hirons*

  7. Alpha-H will save you. Madame Hirons got me involved and I am forever indebted. x

  8. I use clinique 3 step then follow with an anti-aging face cream at night and a hydrating day cream with SPF.

  9. Get the Liz Earle cleansing system. It's easy, simple and for god's sake take your MU off b4 you go to sleep! SHAMEFUL! Remember foundation only looks as good as the skin underneath.

  10. I don't really have a skin care routine either. My skin is so sensitive that it's best not to do anything to it. I've recently started using Ivory Bar soap which is really gentle though.

  11. I remove my makeup with Lush Ultra Bland, wash with Lush Queen of Hearts, apply l'Occitane divine serum and eye cream and then Lush Gorgeous moisturizer. And NEVER go to bed with makeup on! Bad, bad, bad!

  12. I'm with Caroline. Horrified. It can take YEARS to find the perfect skincare regime, so bloomin' well get on with it! And let me know if I can help...

  13. I was an ERVP with Arbonne for 7 years, but after they changed forumlations I started using NuSkin's AgeLoc skin care line and the Galvanic spa, I loved the results so much I became a consultant! Love your blogs Kellie and it's great meeting you on twitter ;)

  14. Facewash: CeraVe
    Toner: Chanel Lotion Confort
    Moisturizer: Chanel Percision Rectifiance Intense
    Eye Cream: SkinCeuticals G.E. eye complex

    Oh and I don't wear alot of makeup! No foundation for me!


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