Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sureslim diet. It's weigh in day.

Tuesdays seem to come round so fast. Last week I said I was ready to stop eating myself silly and get back on track with my diet and then it seems as though I have blinked and Tuesday is here again.

I'm disappointed.

I lost 1lb this week and I know, I know, It is still a loss but I am still disappointed.

A 5 day course of antibiotics combined with day one of my period means that my weight loss this week is minimal.

And it is hard when you know you have worked hard and been good and then you only have a 1lb loss to show for it.

I am trying to be cheerful about it, and I know I have definitely turned a corner and stopped old habits from creeping back in so I think I will take that as my lesson learnt this week and see the 1lb as just a by product of learning.

I am hoping for a bigger loss next week. and now hopefully the sunshine is here for a couple of days it will spur me on. There are vest tops to be worn this summer and maybe even shorts!!!! (If I am brave enough)

Summer is my goal, I want to be able to wear things that look good and keep me cool. and not worry about covering up on the beach in case Greenpeace decide to tow me back to deeper waters. :-)

This time last year I was dreading the arrival of Summer but now I am using it to my advantage to keep me inspired.

I suppose people ARE right, A pound off is still a pound towards my target weight.

and towards those summer shorts x x

Big Fashionista x


  1. Right with you on this one. Keep finding myself in kitchen eating crap, then staring in mirror wishing I could get some dread disease and drop 5 stone over night. Well done on the 1lb off and not using antibiotics and period as an excuse for being bad! Only recently found your blog and love how you think so have added you to my blog roll & am stalking you on twitter!

  2. I am sure you want me and everyone else to say well done. Good for you. Keep it up. But let's face it, if you hadn't shoved so much food in your mouth in the first place you wouldn't be haveing to diet now. I am fed up with people on diets wanting appreciation for every pound they lose. Fat people are lazy people who moan that they are overweight but then don't do anything about it
    So you lost one pound only another ninety nine to go then.
    Work harder lose it faster it's easy.

  3. Debbie she's great fun to stalk on twitter!

    And dear above anon,
    If you cant say anything nice, please piss off
    Many thanks


  4. Well done for persevering, and just think, if you lost 1lb a week, you'll have lost half a stone by Easter (which is just around the corner!) and a stone by June. I lost 18"bs last year at dribs and drabs of 1lb one week, 2lb the next, 1lb the next etc. Felt slow at first, but once I'd got past 5lb, the time started to fly!

    Anonymous commenter, people gain weight for many reasons, I've gained weight because I'm pregnant but complications have meant that I have been on bedrest for most of this time and therefore won't have burnt off as many calories as I may have done. Would hardly call myself lazy, and it would be wrong of you to assume anyone, let alone everyone overweight is.

    I quite like food, particularly cakes, but rather than deny myself, I'd rather balance that with having a few weeks of watching the calories, maybe Kellie is the same.

    Shame on you for hidiing your identity. If you feel your opinion is that important or valid, have the strength to show who you are. Otherwise, your comment just shows a nasty streak.

  5. Well done and just ignore comments from people too cowardly to put a name to the nasty things they write. They're just sad losers, to put it politely.

  6. Don't you just love how the people with the most vitriole to spout are so shy when it comes to their identity? They probably actually are 'anonymous' not the type you'd notice even if they were on fire.

    Well done on the weight loss and remember muscle weighs heavier than fat x

  7. Anon - you are a knob.

    And, may I just remind you of the old saying: May he without sin cast the first stone.

    You may be skinny, and you may not over-eat, but I doubt very much you are without vices of your own. Ones which are harmful to yourself, and, more importantly, to others. Like spouting needless, negative, and, frankly, spiteful shit on a strangers' blogs.

    Grow some balls and reveal yourself, or piss off.

    You need to go on a bitching diet.

    PS - well done, BF! x

  8. I don't think there is any need for name calling, I am just stating facts. And the fact is fat people need to lose weight. It isn't healthy to be fat. I'm probably doing her a favour by saying it.
    There are no excuses for being fat it is just pure lazyness

  9. Oh, anonymous is soooo brave, sooo courageous, and soooooo clever...really, not even worth mentioning.

    Keep the summer thoughts in your brain Kellie, you are truly gorgeous and a beautiful woman. Look forward to the warmer days ;)

  10. BigFashionista

    You're a mum of three and a great writer - anyone who spends a few minutes to get to know you knows you aren't lazy, just (like so many) had a complicated relationship with food and are relearning - 1lb is an achievement!

    And as for that troll - well anyone who posts such brainless rubbish in criticism (Facts - as if) and can't put their name to what they are saying is clearly far from perfect themselves and should be ignored. Trolls are not worth anyone's time!

  11. Wow, anon clearly has no idea what it's like to be overweight or sturuggle with food.

    1lb is half a bag of sugar, and that weighs alot! That's the way I always look at it.

    I had this same situation a few weeks ago on my first week of my diet and only 1lb came off and I wanted to go to krispy kreme but stuck to my guns and one month later half a stone has gone.

    Keep going, and ignore the negative haters who aren't able to understand the feeling that comes with the pride in hard work paying off and the disappointment when expectatiton is not your friend.

    Next week is a new week and 1lb off is better that it going on, and yes, summer is nearly here think of those vest tops! Keep going xx

  12. Brill blog and good luck nearly there! -ignore one moron!
    I love reading this and totally rings a bell with me :)

  13. OH I'm remaining ANON as at work, but to the other Anon, there's no "E" in Having.

  14. Sheila (@flinny2001)8 March 2011 at 16:37

    Why post a comment and not own up, fact not all people who wish to lose weight are over eaters who eat all the wrong things. Fact there are many number of medical reasons why some people are heavier than others.

    As someone who has been at both ends of the scale I am sickened by your negative comments to such a fabulous woman. I was bullied in school for my weight but before you think I was fat, I wasn't. I was what would now be classed as size 0 when I turned 18 and I weighed less than 6 stone. I looked anorexic and you know what? I hated it, I'd much rather have a bit of weight on me than look like that again. curvy = happy in my book!

    Kellie I have said it more than once and I'll say it again, you inspire me and keep me motivated. 1lb off is still a good result and if weight comes of slower it stays off longer and muscle does in fact weigh more than fat.


  15. Kelly, for every anonymous commenter there are many more supporting you.
    I think you are doing fabulously well

  16. In slimming world they call this week a star week as your period can effect your weight hugely. Don't worry a pound off is great and I'm sure you will have more next week. Ignore the Anon comment he obviously has lost weight by having his brain removed

  17. I think you're an inspiration and Anonymous can take their mean, ill-educated and misspelled comments and shove them where the sun does not shine! xx

  18. Anon: You're an ignorant, cowardly prick. The only reason you commented was to be deliberately abrasive. My only comfort is that it's likely you're just as much of a penis in the flesh and therefore quite often find yourself at the wrong end of a good hiding. Also, there's no Y in 'laziness'. The fact that you're clearly illiterate is obviously your fault for not being clever enough or applying yourself more effectively during education, right?

    No - of course not. But if everyone took the same idiotic view about things as you do, picking on those who don't fit their 'ideal', then this is the kind of moronic comment you could expect. Thankfully, people are generally more supportive and understanding than you, and infinitely less ignorant - as illustrated by everybody's comments except yours. You bellend.

    Kellie - well done hun, keep at it. Sorry my reply's directed mostly at the imbecile. That shouldn't detract from your overall weight loss achievement to date (which they've oddly failed to acknowledge). You're doing great and your tweets and blogs make me smile regularly. Keep being you. x

  19. Kellie we love you and you rock. You really, really do xxxxxx

  20. I think you should be hugely proud of yourself, it's the overall achievement that's impressive and a loss is still a loss. Well done for being brave and sharing the journey with us.

    Ignore stupid brainless comments from people who aren't remotely brave and feel the need to hide behind an anon.

  21. To the stupid prat above - It's not easy to loose weight - end of!

  22. Dearest anon you ever thought there is medical conditions behind why someone is overweight? And could find it difficult to shift.
    Look up PCOS you moron.

  23. BF - I enjoy reading your posts and keep up the good work! By sharing your experience other people find support in trying to lose weight too.

    Re Anon commentator - who died and made you king? You are 'doing her a favour' gobsmackingly arrogant!

  24. Hun 1lb is great- a loss is a loss and the most important is to keep going and do at least the same next week.

    Anon- If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. You really are a nasty, rude person to go around saying things like that. Please grow up.

  25. Dear Kellie,

    You are fabulous and very brave for putting yourself out there when people can (clearly) be such judgemental arseholes.

    Anon - Oh Big Brave Anon.

    I would rather have a mouthful of fattening carbs than the vitriolic, hateful bullshit that falls so easily from your gaping gash of a spiteful gob.

    If you've got something to say - say it to someone's face instead of hiding behind anon like the TROLL that you so evidently are.

    I wish you nothing but good luck as you continue your attempt to develop something akin to a personality. It looks like you're in for a long ride.

    My name is Caroline. Yours?

  26. Well done. You have lost so much already and look fab. It is true every pound counts. Me and my mum measure are inches aswell that way you can relate it to dress sizes :-) xx

  27. Kellie I am so happy you didn't let negativity & hate prevail. The love of your fans and friends will always drown out the words of an immature & sad individual. This is my first time commenting as I've been following your marvelous blog for a while now. You are doing a fantastic job & looking stunning in the process. Keep up the great work & revel in all the love you deserve. *HUGS*

  28. Kellie you keep your chin up hun :) your doing great by loosing even a pound in loss is still a pound, sometimes it can be crushing to work so hard at rewiring eating habbits and healthy regimes that when you loose a pound it is a kick in the face

    coming from someone like myself who struggles with their weight knows its a battle and to work so hard and loose less than you expect or predict to loose really knocks the wind from your sails ...

    just be assured you will get there, keep at it and do not let anyone make you feel demoralised in your efforts people who feel the need to do this are clearly dealing with issues rooted deep in their own lack of confidence


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