Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sureslim diet post-Back in the saddle

So I have been struggling, and what do people do when they struggle? (apart from eat cake) they turn to their friends.

Friends, I need you.

We have all been through it, I dieted without any trouble for 4 months, fell off the wagon a couple of weeks ago and am still trying to catch up with that wagon now.

How come I could do it before but can't do it now? I start off every week with the intention of eating healthily, going to the gym, drinking lots of water and generally being a good girl,

by Wednesday I am headfirst in a Greggs counter.

Sureslim are wonderful, they are supportive and have helped me to realise that I like the way my clothes fit MORE than I like to eat bad food.

The summer is coming (or we've just had it, im not sure) and I WILL be fitting in the clothes that I want to fit in.

Cards on the table.

I now weigh 13st 10lb (insert sobbing smiley here)

That is the LAST time I will weigh that EVER.

This is going to be the start of a new me, (again) I have had a taster of putting back on weight and I HATE it.

Look out for next weeks post on my weight loss this week. I am confident I can do this.

But how about you?

I think we need to set up a diet buddy system. If you are on a diet why not write below what diet YOU are doing and how you are doing and come back next week and let me know how you did. You can write your @Twitter name too if you'd like so people can encourage each other over the week ahead.

We diet for ourselves but we need the strength of friends to get us through the rough bits and congratulate us on the weight loss.

Good luck everyone back on track this week.

I BELIEVE we can do it.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Diet buddying sounds good!
    You'll get back on track just remember how good you felt before
    I'm on the weightwatchers plan (for the third time!) lost 10 1/2 lbs so far...another 3stone to go!
    Good luck with this week
    Belle xx

  2. I don't diet any more but I have been on a long mission to lose a truck load of weight that some medication packed on over the last couple years. I'm nearly there but I still have a little more to go till I'm seriously happy. I don't weigh myself but I do measure my vitals once a month or so. I'll totally help you out! I know what it's like! I find avoiding pre-made food in general is key! It can come to no good! My other trick is yoga and walking. They are like miracle workers! xxx

  3. Diet buddy sounds fab! @ihavemostlybeen and needing all the support I can get! Have posted on my blog this morning about my first weeks loss - everyone knows the first week's easy, it gets harder every week though! Two things in terms of support, first you know you can do it you just have to want it enough and secondly - I would freaking kill to weigh what you currently weigh so however bad you think it is, it's not as bad as it might be! xx

  4. @katykoos

    I'm doing the Dukan diet...I've lost about a stone in March (another 45,000 to go) and I'm doing ok...had a weekend away which threw me off a tad and I'm currently fighting the biscuit urge. Eeeek!

    You need to know YOU CAN DO IT! I know you can get back in the saddle. It’s so easy to think 'oh tomorrow...I'll do it tomorrow' this was me for about 10 years but I woke up and thought...'Balls! Enough!' and now I've lost a stone.

    I'm with you 100% of the way pet...xx

  5. I'm reviewing the Jenny Craig programme and I'm doing really well so far. It is hard... and some days I need a kick up the behind to stay on track, but I'm determined to shift this weight!!!

    You can do it hun!!

  6. Kellie, you have done SO well, you just need to get back on track. I lost a stone in the run up to Christmas with the Beauty Bloggers Weightloss Challenge. The support from all the ladies involved was invaluable! I've taken my foot off the gas a little since, but I'm slamming it right back down as of now! @LeanneOCD could do with a kick up the ample bottom. So feel free. Will be following the WeightWatchers programme and trying to increase the exercise. Good luck everyone x

  7. Having diet buddies is great!

    I have been following the Slimming World plan...I started last year and lost a stone then wasn't able to go for 6-8months due to money etc BUT I had managed to keep the whole stone off and I rejoined about 3 weeks ago so as a total I have lost 1 stone 4.5lbs :)

    I have tried other diets and this is definitely the best one for me, I find chatting to people on twitter and sharing weekly weight losses as well as lots of tips a massive help!

    Good luck! :)


  8. I started my diet last week and I'm doing what I guess you could call my own version of weightwatchers, I still have all the books from when I did it about 8 years ago had a great deal of success then but another baby and a lot of baking and eating later and I'm up to my heaviest weight of 13st 10lb (13 12) last week and I'm on a mission to try and lose as much as I can by my 40th in August, small miracle may be needed here! So I think supporting each other is a definitely the way forward it's nice to know you're not alone. I may even make it to the gym this week! My twitter name is @Emma_ps and good luck .

    p.s Back away from Greggs it is the food of the devil especially the steak slice!

  9. I dont do diets as the temptation is too hard and i fail time and time again! At my heaviest I was 10st13lbs , im now 9st!
    I did it by eating more healthily, just adding veg and fruit to the dinners i love, drinking green tea (after a while you get used to the taste) doing different exercises like going out running, gym, classes and yoga.
    I'm now at a stage where I'm maintaining it.
    Trust me i dont starve myself and I love cake too much to do that but i just get a balance right. Sometimes its more of a mental challenge than a physical one.
    Hope that helped xx

  10. I am so with you darling! I am the fattest I have EVER been and it's making me seriously unhappy so I'm going to change it. I'm sick of being the fat jolly one because god fucking forbid you dare to be a fat person and NOT be jolly. I'm sick of walking along the street convinced everybody is pointing and laughing at me behind my back. I'm sick of pushing Chris away when he puts his arms around me because I can;t believe anybody could possibly find me attractive. I'm sick of being told I've got a pretty face, when you just know they are thinking in capital neon letters 'IT'S A SHAME ABOUT THE REST'. I'm sick of buying clothes based on which ones make me look least horrible, as opposed to which ones look good.
    Most of all I'm sick of looking in the mirror and hating myself. It's tiring. I can't fucking do it.
    But I can change it. I hope.

  11. @AndreaFarmerArt

    I joined Gymophobics last year. It's a 30 minute ladies only work out with air resist weights. I go three times a week. Weight, BMI, blood pressure and measurements are taken on a regular basis. I started off well by losing 4.5 inches at the first stage but hit a wall just before Xmas. Although this depressed me, it made me re-focus and look at my diet more. I have no problem with exercise but I do like my food. I've taken over the cooking at home (which stops hubby slipping cream, cheese, butter and other bad things into my food!!!), reduced my portion size, ignored all cakes at work and started eating a proper breakfast with soup for lunch and a healthy evening meal. We have also been swapping healthy recipes at the gym. Last week I found I had lost 5lb, 3 3/4 inches and my BMI had reduced (since Dec). I will NEVER be skinny but I will settle for happy and healthy. Just need to keep going now. Good luck all. WE CAN DO IT! :0)

  12. PS. New Year resolution was to give up those nasty, pre-packed, mayo laden sandwiches that look nice but contain as much fat as most takeaways!!!! So far, I haven't given in! :)

  13. @danielle91072
    I have been doing Slimming world since september. Like you had been doing really well, (Ok maybe not quite as well as you) but lost 2st 4 1/2lbs up to beginning of Feb, then hit a brick wall, I blamed Creme eggs, the house move, and last week lots and lts of alcohol, but really need to halt this gradual increase, I want another 3 1/2 st off, so still a long way to go. Hopefully will have a loss tomorrow though. Good luck Kellie and just think of how well you have done x x.

  14. part 1:

    "by wednesday (...) greggs" -> i am so similar.
    1. greggs is the type of thing i would think first when I screw my diet up
    2. it also happens to me on wednesdays (when I started it on a monday that is) I am sure there is this thing whereby the first 3 days are the hardest. When I've reached that hurdle (doesnt happen often), then the first week end which presents itself is a hurdle, then every week end is a hurdle. But when I've done 2 weeks of being a very good girl, usually that's it and the likelihood of screwing up diminishes vastly.

    The idea of diet buddy is brilliant but I don't know at the end of the day, I feel very isolated. My friend H supports me, but she is the only one. The others won't simply understand. Jesus how hard is it to understand someone wants to lose 8 pounds and just 8 pounds to fit in their bloody trousers, it makes me so mad. I might be an isolated case but when I put on 8 pounds, that's it, my trousers don't fit and I am buggered and then live in tracksuits bottoms, which is incidentally what i am wearing tomorrow. I've got a big day tomorrow, the biggest day of the day of the year for my work and I am going to look like a tramp cos I have refused to go to shops to buy some trousers, cos 1. i can try on 50 pairs in a day and still not find one which will fit the bum properly
    2. I refuse to indulge and reward my fatter self

    Buddy system is so good, but sometimes it feels it's really a very isolated lonesome fight

    If you asked me:
    I give you £100,000 or the power to eat and never put on weight: it's a no brainer and I'll choose the latter. God, why is food tastes so good, why does it makes you feel so good.

  15. part 2:

    If you fancy a 2 week break in your sureslim and give yourself a boost, have a go at the cambridge diet and it will boost your morale. Dedication really pays off with this one. 3 first three days hell on earth but afterwards a doddle. I've even gone over my maximum weight now and entered officially the overweight zone, even fat clothes don't fit. I can't wait to have reached that wednesday hurdle and be thursday already. I am soooooo fed up of feeling of failure all the time. been trying to diet since the second week of January and all through this time, been failing miserably. Finally managed to get hold of cambridge diet stuff (the stuff which made me lose my weight before halloween and made me where I want to be for xmas so hopefully, I will succeed this time.

    I know I know one chocolate doesn't matter, one chip even, but once I've got the taste of naugtyness in my mouth, it's hard to stop and then I binge like crazy and guilt trip afterwards, and then I want to eat it everyday. I remember a few years ago, I discovered a flap jack, one which industrially made (not a fresh one basically) and I absolutely fell in love with. Got addicted after one mouthful and went to the corner shop everyday to get it as a snack, a 500 bloody calories snack. I am even scared now to try new foods in case I like them so much that I become addicted to them. I had a 'sausage, bean, and thingy bob' pasty at greggs, omg: I was having one every breakfast it was that good. When Greggs release their festive bakes in november - december (do not try, they're too yummy) I can only think of one thing, and it's them.

    This week I am trying a new thing: on top of not having food in the house (my rule which has prevented to reach 20 stones), I am not having cash with me either. So not even possibility to nip to evil corner shop and stuff myself. I think I might be one of these people a bit like addicted to gaming, who needs their money taken away from them basically.

    I want to get back on your blog next tuesday and tell you I've lost 4 pounds cos I am too fed up of being tight in my trousers. i cant drink the water tomorrow cos it's big day and i will be on my feet and cant stay attached to a loo but will drink my water and lose that weight god dammnit


    we can do it

    Bloody delicious & evil food.

  16. I just had a conversation with a friend today about being each others support system. I'm not on a diet as such just eating healthier and try to sneak in some exercise, I'm just full of excuses though! I never weigh myself though just go on how my clothes fit, but think that I will now start to weigh in as the motivation would be great I think. I need to start being accountable for what goes in my mouth.

    And I need to stop baking lots of delicious food, because I just have to 'try' it all!

    Well wishes to everyone!

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