Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sureslim Diet, week? God knows!!!!

Move over Charlie Sheen, you think you've fallen off the wagon in spectacular style well trust me big boy-You ain't seen nothing until you've seen me elbow old ladies out of the way to get the last Cheese & Onion Pasty in Greggs.

Am I exaggerating? Erm no?

Am I bragging? Hell no.

I have been on a journey of self discovery that Hunter S Thompson would be proud of (just substiture mind altering drugs for chocolate and you get the idea)

My name is Kellie and I have an addiction to food. If you are addicted to alcohol, you don't drink but how do you avoid food? It is nigh on impossible.

I don't know how this last month actually happened, One minute I was happily eating fresh, healthy food and next I was face down in a McDonalds meal (large)

It just crept up on me and attacked me from behind.

But there is a reason I'm being so honest here, A lesson that I want everyone to learn, THIS happens to EVERYONE. Everyone on a healthy eating plan cracks at some point and goes a bit mad.

But it is how you deal with it that shows true strength of character. And I have decided I don't want to be a big girl again.

It stops here.

I now weigh 13st 4lb

Not great but I could have done more damage, and I would have too. I'm still 2 stone 2lb less than I was though.

I am standing up and saying that I am BACK baby.

The bad food stops here.

Sureslim are giving me some great support and I would love the support of you guys too.

We all hit a bump in the road every now and then. It's just that my bump was made out of chocolate and I ate it!!!!!!

Wish me luck for next week

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Firstly, of course I am sending you HUGE good luck for this week. Yup, we all fall of the weight loss wagon and land in a Dairy Milk now and again but that's life. It took a bad...and I really do mean bad week (seriously, how can anybody gain 5lb's in one week? Well, I know the answer but still it came as a bit of a shock.) to give me the boot up the arse I needed and since then have lost a stone and hopefully will keep going. So turn your bad week into a boost. You can do it honey - you've done it before. Love and luck and stuff. xXx

  2. Get back on that wagon lady, you know you can do it!

  3. You have definitely got the support from me hun, i can fully understand exactly where you are coming from! just over a year ago i lost 3 stone, what happened? i put it all back on again & i am now back to square one! My own fault i know! This happens to the best of us! I believe that i am also addicted to food, may sound silly but i believe its true! However, i am trying to get back in the zone as i have a holiday in 3 months and want to look good in front of my girl friends!

    Congratulations for getting yourself back on the wagon hun, you have kept over 2 stone off! Thats a seriously massive achievement, well done!

    Routing for you all the way Kellie :)


  4. Chocolate bump that was in the way is obviously gone, clear road ahead. Don't beat yourself up, you haven't had it easy recently (can remember tweets about poorly family) and it's so hard to keep on the right path when everything else is going wrong.
    You go girl. Hopefully with the better/longer/nicer days it will be easier too xxx

  5. Stef aka @PrincessofVP1 March 2011 at 20:22

    Up & at 'em, girlfriend!

    You've done brilliantly, you will continue to do brilliantly.


  6. Lol chocolate road bump :p Good luck getting back on track, you can do it! x

  7. It is a blip, nothing more. You've done so well so far... Wishing you loads of luck for next week x

  8. The fact you are still 2 stone lighter is a great achievement. If you're trying to change what has been your eating pattern for a lifetime there will be moments when you simply can't resist! Keep at it though!

  9. Hahaha, i absolutely love this post :)

    I have just become a follower of your blog, im new to blogger myself and would appreciate it if you would follow my blog CocktailsCupcakesCouture - Thankyou xxx

  10. Ha I love this and your honesty, I treat food a bit like money, have it eat it, earn it spend it. I eat and spend when I am fed up - had a hard day, cue new nail varnish and a packet of crisps, to cheer myself up, when I am happy - lets celebrate with a lipstick/chocolate cake, when I am bored - oh what's new on ASOS and let's have a couple of biscuits whilst I'm surfing. I have no control and then I have scary amounts of control, sorry to say but at 10yrs older than you my life remains a roller coaster in all senses of the words. Jan x


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