Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tales from the A & E

So after spending an afternoon in A & E yesterday I have come to a couple of conclusions.

Some people shouldn't be allowed out unsupervised.

Some people need to get a GP

Nurses and Doctors and all staff in hospital and especially in A&E need more money and crucially a whole bucket load of respect.

While I was waiting in A&E prospective "customers" included

A couple wanting a pregnancy test

Someone with a infected ear piercing

Someone feeling "ill" (I kid you not, if I hadn't felt so ill myself, I would have given them a reason to attend A&E)

and my personal favourite, someone who had tripped over and felt fine but wanted to be checked over just in case!!!!

How the staff manage to keep their cool, I really don't know.

The staff in A&E are run off their feet with real emergencies, they don't have time to deal with lunch, let alone idiot people who would be better off asking for an x-ray of their head to check for a brain.

When did hospitals become a drop in centre for people too lazy to get a GP?

I know that their are doctors in the area with spaces on their books because I rang a couple this morning out of interest.

The clue is in the name.


My care in hospital yesterday was excellent, but without those people clogging up valuable resources it could have been so much quicker.

I tip my hat to staff working in hospitals,

You have to have patience to deal with patients these days.

What do you think?

Big Fashionista x x

If any Doctors or Nurses want to tell me any other horror stories from the A&E in confidence, feel free to use the anonymous button, I haven't removed it.


  1. I work in a gp and someone phoned just as we were closing about the fact she had a sore eye, when we told her we couldnt see her she asked to speak to the doctor. The doctor asked her to come back in the morning and she said she couldnt wait and was going to call an ambulance, for a sore eye!

  2. People really don't seem to understand the meaning of 'emergency'. My sister is a trainee paramedic and the tales she tells of the way people waste their time are unbelievable.

    What do people think NHS Direct and walk in centres are for?

  3. Couldn't agree more, and it always seems to be the people with the most trivial problems that moan the most about the wait

  4. my doctor sent me to A&E with an ingrowing eyelash which I thought was a bit excessive! Whilst there I saw a multitude of timewasters. I know you have to be vigilant about your health and you can never be too careful... but still...!

  5. I sometimes think there should be a charge for going to the GP or to A&E to get rid of all the timewasters and workshy but I don't know how it could be applied in a fair way.

    I hope you are feeling better, anyway?

  6. Caroline Endersbee10 March 2011 at 14:24

    My best friend spent 5 hours in A&E yesterday with her 13yr old daughter who has a serious condition that means she dislocates joints very easily (at least 3 times a month)Last night it was her shoulder and she sobbed solidly for 3 hours she was in so much pain!! But still she had to wait her turn because A&E was full of people who shouldn't be there! I don't know how she copes. Her daughter goes into a panic now whenever she has a dislocation because she never knows how long she is going to be left in severe pain before she is treated.

  7. Whenever I've been to A&E I've either been too young or in too much pain to think about the people around me! Last time I had fallen and twisted my knee, I couldn't walk and was in so much pain my mind completely blanked out. Luckily I didn't have to wait for long, but I was sent away with a packet of paracetamol and told all I had done was jar my knee and I could carry on walking on it. So I did. It was months before I could walk a distance without having to stop or sit down and it always kicks up again in Winter. My friend who had just graduated in biology/ medicine asked to check it out and said I'd actually snapped one of the small bones around my knee and he didn't have a clue how I'd been walking on it for so long. Anyway, it's healed now and I doubt they could have done anything since it's in such an awkward place, but still. To miss it was ridiculous.

  8. I think the trouble is is that there are all these health scares every single day in the news/ tabloids/magazines etc that for a lot of people there isn't that line of clarity between what is and what isn't an emergency. Also you read all these horror stories, again in magazines etc, telling you of symptoms being misdiagnosed, people nearly losing their life and more, and while I appreciate that the editors do their best not to create a health scare the truth is is that people do fear for their health and wellbeing. To be honest I'm surprised there aren't more hypochondriacs around! That being said, I'm not condoning the timewasting but unfortunately that's the way it is. Even more unfortunately this timewasting is costly to the NHS as certain consultants (see ) are being paid too much. Did you know that a 10 minute consultation in a GP surgery costs the NHS £25 averagely? I have particular sympathy for nurses and other allied health professionals as I think they are grossly underpaid by proportion :( Sadly I think it's an incurable wrong that so much time can be wasted on those who don't need it while inevitably the real sufferers are put on hold. Good topic! :) xx

  9. My mum went to A&E after falling over and hurting her ankle, she was told it was just a sprain and sent away again. Fast forward many trips to her GP with swollen ankles and hardly being able to walk. 8 years later she was sent to the hospital for a x ray because of suspected arthritus. Only to be told the Arthritus was because of the 1 clean break in the ankle bone. Along with the 17ish (they stopped counting, there was too many) small fractures, her heel bone had detached itself and osteoporosis had taken hold because of it AND she had carried on walking on it for 8 years!!! She went into theatre in Nov, has finally just got her cast off and in place has a massive moon boot thing on. She will probably not be walking until August at the earliest and will walk with a limp for the rest of her life. Safe to say i don't trust doctors as far as i can throw them, which is a shame as they are far superior knowledgable people then i will ever be, they just don't have the time to do there job properly.



  10. my mam was sent home from A&E with a broken knuckle, and she was driving home, last week. She was in a lot of pain, and as soon as she arrived in the door, the hospital phoned and said 'oh, sorry, you've chipped a bone'. pathetic. I've been let down about a cyst in my wrist which caused me pain for 4 years, and right now I'm having to wait to go to the doctors to be referred to the hospital because the ligaments in my finger is mucked up from crushing it and A&E not being concerned at all because it wasn't broken. It's at a fricking angle ffs.! The NHS is absolutely shit.


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