Monday, 28 March 2011

When Phobias Resurface.

Although I love the sunshine, every spring I am reminded that I have a phobia which only resurfaces with the warmer weather.

See those Bees and wasps starting to lazily buzz around the flowers and empty coke cans?

Well I can, and to me they are demons with wings. I am bloody terrified of them.

Especially bees. I trust nothing that really shouldn't be able to fly. With their big fat bodies and teeny tiny wings, it is as though the Devil gave them wings just so they can scare me.

(BEE-lzebub, coincidence? I think NOT)

The problem is I get lulled into a false sense of security over the winter when there are none around and then I get frightened half to death each Spring when they jump out on me. (Ok, the jumping out on me, may be paranoia but I swear they target me)

Am I the only person that has a seasonal phobia or is there anyone out there that dreads the start of Spring for the same reason?

If you want me, I'm off to buy bug spray.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I have seasonal phobia of the autumn spiders with their hooky legs and their big bodies and their big eyes and their fangs
    ewwww got goose bumps just thinking of it :/

  2. Did my bee remind you about this? Poor things.

  3. Nope your certainly not the only one, in spring summer/early autumn I am normally found running around "flapping" the wasps away. Ok I'm scared of bee's too, but at least bee's are there for a reason and won't sting unless they feel they have too, wasps on the other hand are pure evil! Put on this earth for no good reason that to scare the living crap out of me. And for this reason, Picnics, Ice creams and barbeques are banned! And a CAN of coke? No way would I drink one of those! You can't see what has flown in! Paranoid? Me? Yes quite possibly!

  4. I don't think I have any seasonal phobias but i feel sorry for anyone whos hayfever will be coming back soon! my boyfriend gets it so bad and its really awful to watch people struggle with it! xx

  5. Yes Brian I am blaming you :-)

    Ooooh yukky big autumn spiders!!! Eeeeek I hate hanging out washing because of them.

    Cans are a no go for me too :-)

  6. I always think I'm weird because bees just don't bother me, but send a Wasp in my direction and well, that's a completely different story altogether!! I think I conquered any fear of bees when I came face-to-face with one when I was about six...I won't share how that ended, it's a little gruesome, and I don't want people to try it haha!:)

  7. I love bees! The big fat bumblebees are so funny, especially when they are 'drunk' on pollen. Please don't spray them :-(
    I do hate the spiders we start to get in the house around September time - live in the middle of nowhere and some of those beasts are MASSIVE.

  8. Spiders are my fear too, also daddy long legs!! One reason I love the freezing cold months is because I don't constantly have to check my surroundings for horrible long-legged things...

  9. I've been stung so many times by wasps (once just under my eye where I had to watch it just sting me as I was too scared to bat it away in case it went in my eye, and another than crawled up my trouser leg and stung me a million times), I hate them.

    I went into the bathroom at the weekend and luckily my vanity took over and I started tweexing my brows instead of going for a wee which was why I was there. I noticed something out of the corner of my eye in the toilet. A bloody wasp! Just waiting just under the seat to sting someones most private of areas. EVIL!

  10. Holly (@hollyb_herself)28 March 2011 at 17:07

    Snakes. Every spring when it starts getting warm enough for them to move around, I start freaking out. Every little noise in the night, every plastic bag that rustles in my apartment... ::shudder:: It's even worse now that I live in the country. I just know they're plotting to get in and attack me...

  11. I have a permanent and debilitating phobia of spiders. It's difficult to even start talking about them! Argh! I love bees and wasps. I think they're ever so good looking. But I have spent the majority of today hiding from a giant wasp in my house. I've never come across them till the last couple years and have been informed that they sting for FUN! Really? That's just not friendly!!! x

  12. I loooove the big furry silly bees that come around. They're the funniest little things!

    Wasps terrify me. I hate them. Whoever made these things should have stopped at the Bees.

    I hate spiders. They terrify me. I freeze and almost wet my pants, honestly.

  13. Wasps and bees, scare me stupid and my husband doesn't like them either but for some sodding reason as soon as its spring he opens every window in the house then as soon as a wasp or bee flies in, he scarpers and leaves me to sort our unwelcome visitor out! xx

  14. Wasps and Bees scare me silly! We had a wasp's nest in our ceiling at work and we still had them randomly buzzing around the office in November! Queen ones at that so it was much more worse!

    Nothing more than humiliating than squealing and running away from my desk in terror for people to just tut and mutter "for god's sake" under their breath!

    It's the only thing I dread about Spring/Summer is that the wasps and bees are out and about! I have had one buzzing around me whilst I was driving trying to sting me in the me you would have had the same reaction if someone was next to me with a gun or something! (Well maybe not to that extreme but still!)



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