Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Childrens TV

Ever been looked at with pity?

As if you had a deprived childhood?

Sit down and tell your children that there used to only be FOUR TV channels.

No designated Childrens TV channels, In fact the only childrens TV was from 3pm until 5.35pm when Neighbours started!!

The look that they give you is a cross between telling you your puppy is dead and that your favourite trousers don't fit you any more.

Pure pain wrapped up in discomfort and pity.

It's a harrowing look.

Trust me, you never want to see that look.

(although I may practice the look to give out when needed)

Nowadays children have fantastic TV. There are so many childrens channels, They even get the channels PLUS ONE.

A little BF secret, Childrens TV is my guilty pleasure.

Or at least it was.

I've just come off a two week stretch. I'm due for parole today (Half term)

Childrens TV has left me practically homicidal.

Peppa Pig has me craving bacon.

Mr Tumble? Well let's just say that Mr Tumble has me craving sharp instruments (Looooooook, Mr Tumble a knife. Stabby movements) Or blunt instruments (Look Mr Tumble, a club. Make like a seal cub Mr Tumble)

Hannah Montana has practically left me with diabetes it is so sickly sweet and filled with life lessons.

(A pox on The Disney Channel and all its child stars)

And let's not even get me started on In The Night Garden. A farting airship, A small OCD creature, teeny tiny families that I assume are renting their property and not disclosing the full occupancy,

The madness!!!!!! and we let little ones watch this? It should only be watched by............... Hell, no-one.

But you have to wonder WHY we have all these channels just for children.

Do they need them? Are their lives so boring that they need to fill their time with TV? Or is it just another way to keep children indoors and off the streets?

and just because it's there, it really doesn't mean they HAVE to watch it.

Well that's my view and I'm sticking to it.

Next school holiday I'm cutting the plug off my TV with a sharp knife. A knife? Oooooooh Mr Tumble...................................

and we are going to do something fun that doesn't turn me into a homicidal wreck.

Anyone have any opinion about childrens TV?

Does it leave you frothing at the mouth?

Or do you think the electric babysitter has its uses in small doses?

Let me know,

Or Mr Tumble gets it.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. My boyfriend (who's 25 this year) is a teacher and seems to spend his half term watching kids tv - he showed me one called Grandpa in my Pocket and quite frankly it's bizarre/mental. No wonder little kids are so strange at times!

  2. Whats wrong with allowing children to entertain themselves? It cultivates creative thinking.

    As a kid I watched a little TV (Finger Mouse anyone?) but not a great deal. We amused ourselves, built dens, climbed trees, made all sorts of wonderful creations from a plastic pot and a bit of ribbon... to this day I rarely switch on the TV preferring to 'do something less boring instead' ;o)

    great post, made me chuckle lots

  3. I had a big long comment out and this box ate it. :(

    I think kids nowadays (old woman voice) get off lightly when it comes to TV! Remember Worzel Gummidge and his heads? Chico the Rainmaker? Sweet.Baby.Jesus. I blogged about him last year and he's still terrifying. I completely blame kids TV for the fact that the half of my generation are mental.

    My son doesn't watch a lot of kids TV, not since he discovered a TV channel on Sky that plays rallies and races all day. Mind, if there's a hint of sun he's out the back door. I'm more of a radio girl myself :)

  4. I love the look kids give you when you say you were born in the late 80s... that's like last century!!

    I think some kids tv these days is great. I work with disabled children and so get to watch a lot of it and sometimes enjoy it (especially Peppa Pig! George Pig is so cute!).

    Talking of creepy cartoons from our childhoods - do you remember the brave little toaster. I re-watched that the other day with my best friend and it was TERRIFYING and also slightly LSD-like!


  5. God I so agree! I wrote a very similar post on my blog a few weeks after being subjected to the joy that is kids tv

  6. This has brought back memories, Oh how I loved rainbow! I wanted to be just like Zippy - I guess thats one life mission completed! I am a mean mummy though, I don't let my kids watch tv AT ALL on a regular daily basis. tv in this house is a treat and it will stay that way. Hence my kids love playing in the garden, Are fantastic readers and enjoy playing the odd board game - Yes children, thats what we had before the DS! Im pretty sure their lack of tv has lead to them having a much more varied life.

  7. Man alive - you're a mind reader. I arrived at work today humming the tune to In the Night Garden and cant get it out of my head.

    While we're at it, I won't hear a word said against Justin/AKA Mr Tumble/Mr Gigglebiz. Gigglebiz is a great show and a regular source of office banter - Milkshake Jake, Geordie Keith and King Flannel all big favourites

  8. It depends on how you use it I guess. While I won't condone the use of TV as a "babysitter" I do understand that there is some good stuff out there, educational and fun, from which kids can learn a lot. When I was little we had Sesame Street, and I loved it, learnt a lot from it, and there was nothing wrong with me or my brother watching some TV some of the time.

    I don't own a TV, out of choice, but then again I'm living in Spain at the moment, and the telly here is simply obscene. I wouldn't allow my kids (if I had them) to switch the TV on, or watch anything but educational and child friendly DVDs, or some of the shows you mention for that matter.

    And now I strangely fancy bacon...


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